Written and Performed by Lisa Rothman
Directed by David Ford

October 30 – December 4, 2017 | San Francisco
Sundays at 2pm


“Quite funny. A poignant expose, told with humor, candor and fun physicality. Rothman leaves her viewers not only amused, but thinking deeply about what it really takes to be successfully married, with children and dogs.” — SF Examiner

“Rothman’s considerable strengths, as a writer and performer, make this worth taking in. Date Night at Pet Emergency makes for a funny, funny time out!” — Cy Ashley Webb, The Stark Insider

“It was spectacular.  Great storytelling and a great performance.” — Susan Stone, Award-winning former Director of Drama and Literature at KPFA Radio

“This show is worth getting a sitter for!” — Michelle Fagerroos, Mother of Triplets

“This show is not to be missed!” — Ms. Weissman, Kindergarten Teacher (who brought her mom)

“Rothman is a natural-born storyteller!” — Bay Area Reporter

Think you’d get right what your parents got wrong? Lisa sure did! But now she’s beginning to wonder. Ever since baby #2 arrived, she and her husband Kevin bicker over everything from sippy cups to impenetrable origami instructions. Then, on date night, Sophie the rescue dog ODs, Kevin starts fuming that the vet bill’s going to bankrupt him back to a double-wide in Burnips, Michigan, and Lisa’s not sure about anything anymore — except that this has got to be the worst date night ever! Here’s a sneak peak…

Artist Biography

In addition to performing monologues, Lisa’s other adventures have included studying ballroom dancing in China, helping construction workers make better presentations, and hosting a nationally distributed, award-winning radio show at a food truck park.
For more information visit her page here!

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