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Monday, April 13 at 7:30pm

Skip Goodman, Jane Gire, and Steve Budd

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Welcome to Monday Night MarshStream!

The Marsh has postponed all in-person shows until further notice, but that hasn’t stopped Monday Night Marsh from continuing to bring you the unique stories you love. Monday Night MarshStream is a live zoom series that features 4 short pieces by performers, both familiar and new, every Monday at 7:30pm. Each night will consist of consist of two hand-selected performers, one Marsh special guest performer, and one ‘pop-up’ performer chosen from the audience! Will it be you? Tune in to find out. 

The ‘Studio Room’ opens to the public at 7:15pm, and the show starts at 7:30pm. Our zoom Studio Room has a maximum capacity of 100 audience members, so be sure to tune in at 7:15pm to ensure spot!

Hosted by Monday Night Marsh Program Director, Alexa Almira

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Monday Night MarshStream Schedule

April 13

“THE ROAD UNRAVELED” by Skip Goodman
‘The Road Unraveled’ is a perpetual work in progress. Looking back. Moving forward. Choices. Chances. Fumbling through life and working shit out.

Skip started his solo journey at The Marsh in the mid 90s in a workshop with Charlie Varon. he is also the creator of the world famous “I don’t process…I purée” t-shirt.

Could grocery shopping really get any worse? Now, it literally could be the death of us? Come hear and see your old pal Jane, hopefully provide some comedic relief or at least a distraction on how she and hubby Lincoln are coping with quarantining. 

Steve Budd wonders why other people can and he can’t –tie the know, that is. So he asked couples about the push and pull of love–what keeps them from pulling apart despite annoying the heck out of each other. Steve Budd will be performing 10-12 minutes of his award-winning solo show “What They Said About Love.” Steve is an actor, writer, comic, and solo performer who’s performed all over the Bay Area, as well as in LA, NYC, Boston, Ottawa, Tel Aviv, and London.

April 20

“THE STORY OF A NICE WHITE LADY” by Houston Robertson
Clueless racism gets shredded by 83-year-old force of nature, Houston Robertson, in this hilarious and confessional scolding of nice white ladies everywhere. Houston bursts the bubble of good intentions and reminds us that nice is a four-letter word as she parallels her personal story and a storybook one to highlight the clueless racism and homophobia of nice white ladies. 

Houston Robertson is an 83 year old human resources professional. When she was 47, she quit her job and became Ribbons The Clown on the streets of San Francisco–her first solo performance. She has been performing ever since.

May 4


May 11 – Special Edition 

Performances from the Formerly Incarcerated Persons Project (FIPP). Directed by Mark Kenward and Rebecca Fisher

“THE BUS RIDE & THEN SOME!” by Tony Cyprien
Tony Cyprien was born and raised in Watts, California by his loving mother and grandmother–and neighborhood gang members. He soon was in juvenile hall and the California Youth Authority. His mother died suddenly and Tony returned home to find strangers living in his house. Months later, at the age of 17, he was sentenced to San Quentin. In prison, he learned to weld, and 26 years and 8 days later, paroled to Berkeley. He got a job he loves assembling robotic arms used in medicine. He has also discovered improv and storytelling. He won the very first Moth StorySLAM that he entered, and has been featured at two Moth Mainstage events, as well as two broadcasts on NPR. He has performed pieces at The Marsh, StageWerx, and Shotgun Players. He joined the Marin Shakespeare Returned Citizens Theatre Troupe, for which he is now program manager. 

Born in South-Central Los Angeles, Al became involved in a subculture of gangs and criminality at age 13, which led to juvenile hall and eventually prison. At 19 years old, he was sentenced to 15 years to life, His turning point came in 1989, when he was encouraged to enroll in school while in prison. He earned his high school diploma and an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts, and started to write poetry and short stories. He also became a certified paralegal and substance abuse counselor. In 2013, Al left Solano State Prison after serving 31 years. He now works as a case manager and advocate for the homeless in West Oakland. Al is very active with Roots & Rebound, an organization working to empower those impacted by the criminal justice system. He is currently a student at SF State with a major in psychology and minor in criminal justice. 

“SUCCESS IN MINOR” by Fred Johnson
Music has always been important to Fred–ever since he walked by a pawnshop at age 15, saw a beat-up trumpet in the window, and knew he had to have it. Sentenced to prison at age 18, a turning point for Fred was joining the San Quentin Stage Band, where he had the opportunity to play with a diverse ensemble and share the stage with legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sheila E., and Vic Damone. When Fred was paroled in 1995, he became involved with Harm Reduction Coalition, a national organization that promotes the health and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by drug use. Eventually, he became their Executive Director, in which he traveled the world–including testifying before the US Congress twice–to advocate for needle exchanges and HIV awareness. 

May 18


May 25 – Special Edition

Performances from the Formerly Incarcerated Persons Project (FIPP). Directed by Mark Kenward and Rebecca Fisher

Josh dropped out of school in the seventh grade to pursue a life of crime. He learned to write while serving over a decade behind bars, and hasn’t stopped since, He quit his job as an enforcer for an outlaw motorcycle club to change his life and pursue writing full time. His writing has been published in “Out of the Gutter” and “Bareknuckles Pulp” and is the former broadcast host of “The Urban Book Club.” Josh has previously performed his own work at StageWerx and The Marsh. he works as a substance abuse counselor with parolees and believed ‘it’s not too late for us to be who we were meant to be,’ He is currently in college majoring in psychology, and is finishing his first book, “Reading the Alchemist in Prison.’ He lives in San Francisco with his fiancée, their two dogs, and cat. 

“BLOOM” by Pamela Ann Keane
Pamela was born in Hollywood, California, and true to her native city, she began performing early. At age 5, she was casting herself and friends in plays performed for their families. As a young adult, she worked at a comedy club as emcee and DJ, during which time she studied acting at The Little Playhouse in Walnut Creek, California. Over time, she struggled with substance abuse and mental illness, ending up homeless and involved in criminal activity. She served 4 years at the Decatur Correctional Facility in Illinois, where she took part in the Shakespeare Corrected program. This reignited her theatrical spirit. Paroled back to California, Pamela has connected with Marin Shakespeare, where she performs with the Returned Citizens Theater troupe, and the Returned Citizens Improv Troupe. Pamela works as an assistant house manager at Women on the Way, a transitional sober living environment, where she counsels and supports women in recovery and on parole. She is currently a student at Merritt College, pursuing a substance abuse counseling license and associates degree. 

“CEO PASTOR” by Ronnie Muniz
A recognized leader in faith-based supportive services, Pastor Ronnie Muniz has worked tirelessly to help the homeless, youth and formerly incarcerated people of San Francisco. Since his release from prison in 1989, he has worked with a number of high profile organizations as a gang prevention coordinator and youth advocate, with a focus on overcoming criminal and addictive thinking, anger management, life skills, and relapse prevention. He is the founder and CEO of Saved by Grace Re-Entry Ministries, which helps formerly incarcerated youth and adults with services for employment, education, housing and recovery. As an ex-felon, former gang member, and former drug dealer, Ronnie knows what it takes to turn a life around. He is celebrating the recent publication (2020) of his life story, “I was lost as a man, and found by the Son of man, Jesus.”

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