San Francisco Chronicle book columnist Barbara Lane is joined by writers from across the arts spectrum for free-ranging discussions about what they’re reading and writing during this unprecedented sheltering time plus a more global examination of how COVID-19 is changing the book world.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Covid-19 and the Business of Books

How has Covid-19 affected independent bookstores, local book festivals, the publishing industries?  How are they responding?  How can we support our beloved indies?  What does the future look like?

Barbara Lane in conversation with:

CHERILYN PARSONS, founder and executive director
of the Bay Area Book Festival

STEVE WASSERMAN, publisher and executive director of

HeyDay Books

PETE MULVAHILL, co-owner Green Apple Books


Barbara Lane is the San Francisco Chronicle book columnist, Copperfield’s Books Director of Events and former JCCSF Director of Arts and Ideas.

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