Inner Landscapes Sound Journey – Laura Inserra New Year

2021 Inner Landscapes Sound Journey Instant Replay

A virtual gathering with the healing power of sound, an entry to our own landscape of emotions and stories

Tuesday January 5 , 2021

Valerie spends time with Laura to talk about her delivery of vibrational sounds to the audience.  She asks deeper questions about the role sound journeys play in our lives, internal changes or shifts one may experience during the journey, instruments one may hear during the performance. 

About the Guests

Laura Inserra is a sound alchemist. Born and raised in Sicily, she now lives in the SF Bay Area and works around the globe.  Fascinated by sound since her youngest years, Laura would play anything she’d touch, and embraced one instrument after another.  She plays a large range of ancient and contemporary instruments from around the world; she composes music for soundtracks, theatre and dance; she teaches music and sound therapy; she creates and produces performing arts events and festivals; she leads personal exploration workshops; she weaves the transformative power of sound and wisdom traditions to enable self-exploration and wellbeing, in one-on-one sessions and group settings.

As a healing practitioner, Valerie Jew believes in “any amount for any body.”  She integrates breath awareness, body scans, gentle movements, Reiki, and supported restoratives to create an accessible yoga experience.  She remains active in the community by offering her classes in a variety of settings to diverse populations.

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