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Catch Geoff, in home-made paper curls and doubling as his “short” grandchild, as our much beloved comic genius makes his first solo/filmic performance. This is Geoff with the support of David Ford and his family, making a brilliant COVID flex to the digital Black Box.

Part 1: Riding for a Fall – We meet a headstrong youth, determined to push away caring loved ones and do what he wants, regardless of consequences.  How many times do you have to break your hands on other people’s heads before you realize it’s just not working?

Part 2: Close to the Edge 
Having raised the stakes each time he got in trouble, our main character finally messes up so greatly his very existence is in peril.  A serious accident leaves life in the balance, with a broken skull, spine, and a bunch of other stuff.  Now what?

Part 3: Now, The Hard Part 
The Rehab Hospital.  After months in a primary care hospital, an exploration of the next phase:  three months of intensive inpatient rehabilitation, where friendships are forged as a small cohort of broken bodies recycle themselves into people who can live in the world anew.

Part 4: The Journey with Jim
On the outside, learning to navigate life using a wheelchair, our main character pushes progresses and backslides, trying to maintain connection with his rehab buddy who just can’t get it together.

Citizen Brain is the latest in Josh Kornbluth’s three-decade-long series of autobiographical solo shows. In 2017, at the same time that Donald Trump began his presidency, Josh unexpectedly became a fellow at the Global Brain Health Institute at UCSF due to a desire to learn more about his stepfather’s recent dementia diagnosis and what he came to think of as our nation’s “political dementia.”

In this powerful, one-hour, two-act play based on The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Van Leer brings to stage a young scrapping Douglass, who gives an account of the most gut-wrenching events of his life. The audience relives moments with Douglass and his nurturing mother and grandmother, his life with the notorious slave master Edward Covey, as well as his thrilling and suspenseful train ride to freedom.

What do a pink elephant, a Cuban beer bottle, and a Krishna statue have in common? All are among the 108 Beloved Objects featured in author/journalist Jeff Greenwald’s new one-man show. With COVID-19 squashing his travel assignments, Jeff decided to take an inward journey – around his Oakland flat. He picked out 108 objects, all of which evoked personal passages, and made a decision: He would part with the items, but hold onto their stories. For this solo performance, Jeff recreates the popular “grab bag” option from his critically acclaimed Strange Travel Suggestions. 

Poet Sylvia Plath returns to her burial place in West Yorkshire, England to view the fourth replacement of her tombstone. The previous ones have been defaced by feminists who chiseled off her married name, claiming it was Ted Hughes who caused Sylvia’s death. Did he?  Was her suicide at 30 a good career move? Would she do it again? And what does it say to us today?Performances are followed by a Q&A with Actress Lorri Holt, Playwright Lynne Kaufman lead by Marsh Founder/Artistic Director Stephanie Weisman

Featuring Nancy Madden
Margaret Mead, the world’s foremost anthropologist, is accused of misrepresenting the Samoan culture as sexually permissive. As she summons her rebuttal, we see how amazingly progressive her life and her views are on sexism and racism.

Featuring Julia Brothers
Susan Sontag, the fiercest American intellectual of the 20th century, champions the life of the mind.  Whether exploring the origins of ‘camp’ or ‘illness as a metaphor’ she has devoted her life to art, ideas and an unstinting critique of our times.  Now, however, when her own time is running out, she wonders if she has made the right choice.

Featuring Julia McNeal and Charles Shaw Robinson
Divine Madness finds the divorced couple, writer Elizabeth Hardwick and poet Robert Lowell, weighing the possibility of reuniting. Lowell, following a frequent bout of manic-depression, left Hardwick seven years earlier to marry an English heiress. He documented that affair in a volume of poetry, The Dolphin, that scandalized the literary world and won him the Pulitzer prize. 
Divine Madness explores the questions: Is art worth that much? Can love survive madness and betrayal?

1900. The Island of Crete. Archaeologists unearth tablets with mysterious writing. Does it hold the secrets of the legendary Labyrinth, the Minotaur, and Ariadne, who helped the hero Theseus kill the beast? 
A working-class woman in New York and a rich male architect in London made history solving the mystery. But versions of that history differ. How much can a woman do? Will she get credit? Does she even want it? 
It’s a mystery about deciphering ancient languages and messed-up mythology and whether the past has anything to teach us anyway?