Solo Performer Spotlight Geoff Hoyle

Solo Performer Spotlight

Saturday, September 12 | 7:30pm
Geoff Hoyle

What will I be when you grow up?

Written and performed by Geoff Hoyle
Developed and directed by David Ford

Immediately followed by a Q&A with
Founder/Artistic Director Stephanie Weisman

Show Description

He didn’t get hit by a bus in his 30’s, didn’t have a heart attack in his 50’s, didn’t get fronto-temporal dementia or Covid (so far) in his 70’s, and now he’s old enough to be “The Grandfather”… In his latest piece of foolery, Geoff Hoyle ponders his “legacy,” and vast “worldly wisdom.” And how you pass on the best bits …

About the Performer

photo credit: Lisa Keating

Geoff Hoyle clowned as Mr Sniff in San Francisco’s Pickle Family Circus, Cirque du Soleil and Circus Flora. He has appeared many times at ACT, Berkeley Rep, and off-Broadway, performing solo in regional theaters in the US and at festivals in Europe. On Broadway he originated the character of Zazu in The Lion King. Most recently he performed his solos Geezer and Lear’s Shadow at The Marsh.

About the Director

David Ford has been collaborating on new and unusual theatre for three decades and has been an artist-in-residence at The Marsh for most of that time. The San Francisco press has variously called him “the solo performer maven“, “the monologue maestro”, “the dean of solo performance”, and “the solo performer’s best friend” and a week rarely goes by when residents of the Bay Area can not enjoy one of his productions. 

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