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Hosted by Rebecca Fisher and Bridget Frederick

Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual voices by promoting the art of storytelling and solo performance, coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers.

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November 29

Harriet Patterson’s
How do you like your eggs?

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Cage free, organic, pasture-raised, omega-3 enriched, free-range…$6 a dozen??!? They’re just eggs…aren’t they all pretty much all the same? If it’s this complicated to choose eggs at Safeway, imagine how hard it is to choose an egg donor for your baby. When Harriet finds herself sitting in the fertility clinic, running out of options and desperate to be a mom, she is faced with an exhausting list of choices: Tall, short, brown eyes, blue eyes, black hair, red hair, SAT scores, GPAs, genetics reports, hobbies, favorite foods…trying to design a child is way more complicated and overwhelming than she could have ever imagined! And it just feels wrong. When all you have ever wanted is to be a mom, how do you choose?

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Harriet Patterson is a Bay-Area based writer, solo performer and nonprofit executive.  She has appeared on Bay Area stages at Solo Sundays, Monday Night Marsh and Tell It On Tuesdays. Her first solo show, Sail On!, appeared at the 2018 San Francisco Fringe Festival and the 2017 Boulder International Fringe Festival. Her second show, Unfriending Texas, was developed and workshopped at The Marsh.  A native of Dallas, Texas, Harriet lives in the East Bay with her husband and 2 year old daughter.  

Abbey Glover’s
The Nightrunner (an excerpt)

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Abbey Glover is a San Francisco-based writer, storyteller, and performer. Her work is anchored in a desire to say things that many people think and feel but don’t say aloud for fear of shame, embarrassment, or rejection. Sometimes those things come out funny, sometimes dark, but always, ultimately, hopeful.

David Kleinberg’s
He Wants to Run

SHOW DESCRIPTION: “He Wants to Run” is the story of a guy who hates running and dogs and how he ended up running with his neighbor’s dog for 13 years in Cloverdale, and what Butler (the dog) taught him about living and dying.

ARTIST DESCRIPTION: David Kleinberg was a writer/editor for the S.F. Chronicle for 34 years, the last 14 as editor of the Sunday Datebook. He then spent 10 years as a stand-up comedian, appearing with five of what Comedy Central labels as the top 100 comedians of all time (Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Richard Lewis, Bobby Slayton and Sinbad). This is David’s fourth solo theater work, following two works on the Vietnam war — “Hey, Hey, LBJ!,” about David’s year as an army combat correspondent; and “Return to the Scene of the Crime,” returning to Vietnam after 50 years to try to perform “LBJ” in Saigon under threat of arrest from the communist government.

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