Tell it on Tuesday | 4-28

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Tell it on Tuesday

Tuesday, April 28 | 7:30 PM PDT

Al Sasser | Suitable Placement
        • Bennet Caffee | Elevator Pitch
        • Eleanor Clement Glass | Wiley and the Hairy Man
        • Malcolm Grissom | Before it all went to Sh#*!


Al Sasser was born in South-Central L.A. He is writing his first book, Suitable Placement, and plans to start a t-shirt business to employ formerly incarcerated people. He is currently a student at San Francisco State with a major in psychology and a minor in criminal justice.

Bennet Caffee has performed “My First Miracle” his one hour show about his experiences with Bipolar Mood Disorder at the San Francisco and the Nugget Fringe Festivals. He has been performing “Elevator Pitch” as part of “You Don’t Know Me” a group show about mental health issues with the purpose of ending the stigma of mental illness. 

Eleanor Clement Glass retired five years ago and took performing arts classes at Stagebridge, where she fell in love with Storytelling. Now she is a Volunteer Storyteller at the Asian Arts Museum and she tells folktales from around the world to classes in Oakland Public Schools and at assisted living facilities in the East Bay. 

Malcolm Grissom’s passion is to help others, whether it’s helping people with unemployment insurance, coaching on different aspects of their career goals, or entertaining audiences with his own personal storytelling. He has been a touring solo performer for the past six years and has won awards in The Atlanta and Maui Fringe Festivals.

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