Tell it on Tuesday | 5-26

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Tell it on Tuesday

Tuesday, May 26 | 7:30 PM PDT


Kirk Waller I Know Moonrise – Kirk tells an old folktale, new for him, as it delves into the supernatural down south in the marsh, under the moor rise. Beware!

Kirk has been telling stories since he was in the 4th grade and hasn’t stopped since. Some true, some… maybe not so much. Kirk has told locally, nationally, internationally, and now.. virtually!

Steve Budd What They Said About Sex | Steve wondered what other people knew about sex that he didn’t. So he asked them. In “What They Said About Sex” you’ll meet a gay man, a polyamorous woman, a transsexual, and an octogenarian, and take a wild tour of their stories and secrets—and Steve’s. 

Steve is an actor, writer, storyteller, comedian, and solo performer. His solo show “What They Said About Love” won best of the SF Fringe, had an extended run at The Marsh in 2018, and was one of that year’s Theatre Bay Area Top 5 Solo Productions. Steve has performed with the San Francisco Playhouse, Custom Made, Central Works, New Conservatory, Impact Theatre, and Marin Shakespeare Company, among others.

Pamela Ann Keane High and Low | Pamela reasons through how, over time, struggling with mental illness, she ended up homeless and involved in criminal activity.

Pamela was born in Hollywood, served 4 1/2 years in prison, and is currently working with Marin Shakespeare Company Returned Citizens Theatre and Improv Troupe.


Forest Giulietti (Lead Guitar, Vocals etc.)
David Giulietti (Rhythm guitar, Vocals)

“There is two kinds of music, the good, and the bad. I play the good kind” ~Louis Armstrong


Forest and David Giulietti form an ensemble that consists of two bold modern daredevils of the sonic environment. They play simple music pared down to its gritty core, wear ordinary clothes, and build tension with unnecessary instrument tuning and a keen ability to drop guitar picks. Born and raised in an off-world commune funded by David Bowie, they have no formal training and play music as a way to appease their god Starlord. 

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