Tell it on Tuesday | 6-30

Tell it on Tuesday

Tuesday, June 30 | 7:30 PM PDT


Ginger Parnes | Just on Time for my Life
Wayne Harris | Ronald Ruffin
Freddy Lee Johnson | Success in Minor

Ginger Parnes, Just on Time for my Life

Ginger was three years old when her two older brothers sent her on stage at a Saturday matinee talent show at the Tower Theater in Miami. A bicycle was the prize. She sang a song…and won! Unlike many people, Ginger WOULD rather speak in public than die. So, she was thrilled when her name was drawn several times at The Moth! “Better yet, this return to Tell It On Tuesday for the Fifteenth Anniversary is exciting. And, aren’t we all grateful for The Marsh and Zoom keeping us connected!?”

Wayne Harris, Ronald Ruffin

Wayne is an award-winning solo performer, writer, educator, curriculum innovator, and musician. Harris has written and starred in five full-length solo plays, including Train Stories, The May Day Parade, and Tyrone “Shortleg” Johnson and Some White Boys, for which he received the 2012 “Best of Fringe” award at the SF Fringe Festival. He is head of the Marsh Youth Theater Program, and has worked with the Marsh since 1996, where he was first exposed to storytelling through theater. He is also committed to music education, directing and designing performances for schools and pageantry groups. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Harris’ work has often centered on his childhood.    

Freddy Lee Johnson, Success in Minor

Freddy is a jazz musician and a formerly incarcerated person. Sentenced to prison at age 18, a turning point for Fred was joining the San Quentin Stage Band, where he had the opportunity to play with a diverse ensemble and share the stage with legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sheila E, and Vic Damone. When Fred was paroled in 1995 he became involved with Harm Reduction Coalition,
a national organization that promotes the health and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by drug use. Eventually, he became their director of policy, in which role he traveled the world—including testifying before the US Congress twice—to advocate for needle exchanges and HIV awareness. Since retiring, he has focused on his music, as well as acting in the two-person play Solitary Man based on letters from solitary confinement. 

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