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Tuesday, September 29 | 7:30 PM

Hosted by Rebecca Fisher and Bridget Frederick



Diane Barnes, An excerpt titled Motherland

Diane Barnes is a Meisner trained actor, solo performer, writer and physician. Her award winning first solo show, My Stroke of Luck, a spellbinding and funny look at love, family, the brain and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, opened at The Marsh, and has toured internationally, in theaters, universities, hospitals, medical conferences and stroke centers. Diane is a graduate of ACT Summer Training Congress, Stanford University and Yale Medical School.

Roz Leiser, A Cry from the Past to the Future

Roz Leiser is trying her best to survive, maintain a modicum of optimism and embrace the beautiful along with the terrible. She grew up in NY with parents who were refugees from the Holocaust. In San Francisco, during the last 40 years, she has worked as a nurse, a grief counselor, a staff member of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center and has led workshops on Moving Through Loss & Transition. She has used writing to help her cope for most of her life and has been published on occasion.

Jeff Raz, Westboro Baptist Church (excerpt from “The Snow Clown” chapter 29)

Jeff Raz has starred in many plays and circuses, from Corteo with Cirque du Soleil to Comedy of Errors on Broadway. He is a graduate of Dell’Arte International, a playwright and director of dozens of circus, dance, puppet and theater productions. Jeff has been a proud Advisory Committee Member to Tell It On Tuesday for many years and has performed a number of pieces on the TIOT stage. His first book, The Secret Life of Clowns, was launched nationally at the Smithsonian followed by The Snow Clown and now his third Love Death Circus.

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