Tuesday March 30, 2021

Hosted by Rebecca Fisher and Bridget Frederick


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Linda Joy has been creating and performing monologues and personal stories since 2005,in California, Washington and Arizona. Relocating to the Bay Area in 2016, she studied with David Ford, took improv at BATS and storytelling at Stagebridge where she performed in their Valentines Show at Piedmont Center for the Arts. She was commissioned by The Marsh to create a piece, On The Brink, for its Times Unseen Festival in the Fall of 2018. Linda claims the Southern California coastal strip from La Jolla to Encinitas as home but has lived in major cities, suburbs and rural areas in 16 states and in Japan. Beginning college at the University of San Diego as a theater major, Linda performed both in campus productions and in community theater. Later, she earned an EdD in Language, Culture and Cognition and a PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University and became a Professor. 

Ron Jones is a San Francisco writer. He shares his Haight Ashbury home with his wife, grandchildren, and singing garden. Three of his stories – Acorn People, The Wave, and B Ball have been made into award winning TV drama. Kids Called Crazy was nominated for a Pulitzer and Say Ray honored as Before Columbus American Book of the Year. Ron Jones is best known for his story about a Palo Alto classroom experiment on the appeal of fascism. Novelized by Todd Strasser and made into a German Feature film DIE WELLE,adapted for theaters worldwide, an extension of this story is available in a Netflix series We Are The Wave. Inspiration for Ron’s work comes from teaching 30 years with the physically and mentally disabled at The Janet Pomeroy Center and volunteering with The Marsh Youth Theater.  www.ronjoneswriter.com

Jeanne Lupton has told several times at Tell it on Tuesday and is delighted to be back with new work about her ongoing recovery from mental illness. She is a well-published tanka poet (5-line Japanese form) and participates in the local and international poetry scenes. She leads a weekly memoir group for seniors. 

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