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About the Times Unseen Project

The recent election has ushered in the largest political reversal our country has experiences in the post-World War II era. And since the election, the news is filled with who is winning, who is losing, and what attention-getting statement a politician has made today. Highly polarized, citizens are passionate about their particular fraction of the political rainbow, regardless of the hue.

Beyond the news, Americans fall in love, work, get sick, die…experience the drama of daily life. We have decided to take our cue from Russian author Svetlana Alexeivitch, who proved the power of exploring history through personal stories in her magnificent SECOND HAND TIME. In what ways are political turmoil affecting personal life of Americans?

Times Unseen will chronicle the effect of political change on individuals.

One of the stark lessons of the recent election is the ideological divide between regions in America. We have a team of Marsh artists who have personal connections to the disparate social, geographical, and political regions of America. We are asking them to interview people – Americans talking to Americans about family, love, safety, health, finances etc., in a time of political change. And our artists will bring what they hear back to the Marsh and make theater of it.

Times Unseen: because we are in new territory politically, and because politics, for better or for worse, are about promises of a changed future, times as yet unseen

Times Unseen will culminate in a Festival of New Work, in time for the midterm elections in 2018, with workshop performances along the way.

Times Unseen kicks off with an evening of short pieces on January 23 at 7:30 at The Marsh San Francisco. From January-June 2018 there will be an event a month, open to the public, showcasing short pieces by the featured artists. From June-October artists will workshop and perform longer form performances, in preparation for the October festival.

We hope to add performers along the way.

Directing and script development will be by David Ford. David is also the Project Director and an award winning veteran creator of stories for over 30 years.