See Don’s Family! I’m For It – August 4, 2015

7feb0bab95fe4916897405736a56b095Dear Marshians,

Not sure about bringing an ad into the newsletter, but what a wonderful national Sprint commercial starring Don Reed and his family. Woo Hoo Reeds: Don, Helena, Dane and Tag. 

See Mr. Don in person, in real time, on Friday and Saturday in STEREOTYPO, Rants and Rumblings at the DMV. Ask him to replicate that jump!!! Just a thought.

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Jon Carroll’s I’m For That
On another note, Jon Carroll said this in his Tuesday Chronicle column about Dan Hoyle’s EACH AND EVERY THING.

Recently, it seems to me, the Marsh has become a place where black people explain the world to white people. With Hoyle, we have a white person becoming a black person (or an Aryan Brotherhood person, or an Indian person) in an act of impersonation designed to promote empathy. Hell, I’m for that.

Now is this true? What do you think?

It is true that in addition to Don Reed’s mélange of characters at the DMV, we have Echo Brown’s BLACK VIRGINS ARE NOT FOR HIPSTERS, and W. Kamau Bell’s HOME BY 10.

AND coming right up, on August 22, we are bringing back Jinho “Piper”Ferreira’s COPS AND ROBBERS. In September, Brian Copeland is on The Marsh stage with THE WAITING PERIOD.

On the other truth hand, starting August 15, we have Karen Ripley’s hilarious epoch of truths, OH NO THERE’S MEN ON THE LAND. And we have empathetic performers like Ann Randolph, returning with LOVELAND, and her hilarious crazy grief driven performance-artist Franny Potts. And new Marsh performer, Megan Timpane’s HAVING CANCER IS HILARIOUS.

So watcha think?  Are we with Mr. Carroll? And his “Hell I’m for that”

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I am looking forward to it.
Have a great week.
All My Best,

Stephanie Weisman

Artistic Director/Founder

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