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Alexa Almira

Living the Shuffle

Living the Shuffle is the amazing journey of actor, writer, director, and filmmaker, Robert Townsend. Townsend, a natural-born storyteller, takes you on a show biz rollercoaster ride.

Grandma and Me

In Brian Copeland’s highly anticipated new play, he examines the issue single parenting through a very personal story.

The Jap Box

Japanese-American Magician David Hirata excavates the mysteries and stories of ‘The Jap Box’.

Hippie Kid

A wild trip through life. Watch and Listen as Zappo travels his history through sang, poetry, humor, and love.

The Designated Daughter

Every family has one: the dutiful child who stays behind shouldering familial responsibilities. Victoria wasn’t that daughter.

MYT Fall 2019 Classes

Let’s Bring the FUN Back This FALL! No one turned away for lack of financial resources! ___________________________________________________________________________________ DANCE & FLAG TEAM Taught …