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Alexa Almira

The Marsh 2019 Holiday Party

It’s That Time of Year Again! Wednesday, December 18 at 7pm Marsh Berkeley Cabaret Glowing holidays. Tinsel. Lights. Candles. Zawadi. It’s a …

Living the Shuffle

Living the Shuffle is the amazing journey of actor, writer, director, and filmmaker, Robert Townsend. Townsend, a natural-born storyteller, takes you on a show biz rollercoaster ride.

Grandma and Me (Workshop)

In Brian Copeland’s highly anticipated new play, he examines the issue single parenting through a very personal story.

A Box Without A Bottom

Japanese-American Magician David Hirata excavates the mysteries and stories of ‘A Box Without A Bottom’.

Hippie Kid

A wild trip through life. Watch and Listen as Zappo travels his history through sang, poetry, humor, and love.