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About Monday Night Marsh

Stephanie Weisman, our theater’s founder and artistic director, started The Marsh because she wanted a place for writers and performers like herself to easily develop their work. In 1989, she planted a seed by starting a Monday night performance series at the Hotel Utah on Bryant Street. Monday Night Marsh is the seed that sprouted into what is now The Marsh Theater: A Breeding Ground for New performance. The program prides itself in sharing personal stories and unique experiences of all types, with a goal of amplifying the voices of our community. It is crucial, now more than ever, to share your story. Local celebrities like Josh Kornbluth and Marga Gomez got their start on Monday Night Marsh.

Still Accepting Submissions for November & December 2021!


Calling all storytellers! We are accepting submissions for Monday Night Marsh’s in-person 2021 series! We are accepting submissions for November and December on a rolling basis. Read on for more information what we are looking for and how to submit.

Upcoming Live Performances

September 13 & 27

“Empowerment Part One: a tribute to August Wilson” by Malcolm Grissom

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Part 1 of a five-show series tribute to August Wilson is loosely based on the play “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.”

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: As an experienced and award-winning Solo Performing Actor/ Comedian/ Storyteller, Malcolm Grissom is passionate about creating community. With his playful, creative, and postmodern approach, Grissom offers an invaluable point of view in helping individuals find their voices in both writing and performing stories. Using this same approach, Malcolm Grissom, a future Marriage and Family Therapist, applies his vast experience of working with California’s Employment Development Department and his knowledge of workforce development to assisting people with career development. Aside from acting, he’s currently a keynote speaker and a public speaking/ storytelling coach. 

“Your Guardian Angel is Worn Out” by Jerry Metzker

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Horace, the guardian angel is worn out. He’s been way busier of late than he anticipated, and he’s a little bit ticked off at how reckless human beings have become. Yes, he knows all about the dangers you get into every day. All this has not just exhausted him, but it’s also made him want to quit. Can angels quit their jobs? You’ll find out!

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Jerry Metzker is a playwright, director, dramaturg, solo performer and theater creator. He has performed several solo pieces at the Marsh, including “For Better or Worse” for the Monday Night Marsh Stream. He directed John Fisher’s solo play “A History of World War II,” which played for eight months at the Marsh in San Francisco and Berkeley, as well as Hollywood. He has written several long and short ensemble and solo plays, such as Mercy Buckets (San Francisco Fringe Festival, September 2011), Queerification and His Heart Belongs to Me (co-produced by Theatre Rhinoceros), Oh Fuck, You’re Old (LGBT Writes! at The Marsh Cafe, and two one-page plays for foolsFury and three one-page plays produced by ABYDOS/The Directors Theater. He created, produced and performed in Sign Theatre, a series of performance installations at Oakland’s First Fridays Art Murmur. He was a co-creator and administrator of the Artists Development Lab in San Francisco. He is also a static trapeze artist.

October 4 & 18

“I’m Not Old, I’m Vintage” by Lauren Mayer

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Bette Davis (and many others) famously said, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies”, and it’s especially difficult for women. In addition to all the physical indignities, we also have to see men with much younger partners (onscreen & in real life), while popular culture celebrates youth (all those ’30 under 30′ lists) and makes us feel invisible. But it can also be hilariously inspiring, and Lauren laughs at the ups & downs of aging in this show, including stories of accomplished older women, original comedy songs, and personal anecdotes guaranteed to embarrass her grown kids.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Lauren may be familiar to Marsh audiences as a regular panelist on Brian Copeland’s podcast.  A phi beta kappa graduate of Yale, she has performed at countless bay area clubs & theaters, she is 5-time recipient of the San Francisco Cabaret Gold Award, and her many albums of comedy songs and children’s music have won multiple awards and honors.  Despite all of these achievements, Lauren’s mother still doesn’t understand why she didn’t go to law school.

“Born Again in Berkeley” by Theresa Donahoe

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Theresa has a secret. In the Bay Area where people are flinging open their closet doors, she’s not sure she’ll be accepted. Help Theresa come out…….as a Christian.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Theresa Donahoe has performed theater since she was a little girl, but only recently discovered solo performance starting in 2013.  Her first full length solo show, “Late Bloomer” debuted at the 2017 Rogue Festival in Fresno, and “Born Again in Berkeley” is her second “work in progress” full length show.

“Don’t Make me Hate You” by Maureen Langan

(Performing on October 18 only). A stand-up comedy show! More information coming soon.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Maureen is an award-winning Bloomberg Television & Radio host, PBS documentary producer, TEDx Talk speaker, media coach and international standup comedian. She’s been featured at comedy festivals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South Africa.

As a performer and keynote speaker, Maureen has worked with entertainment, literary and cultural icons that include Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Gloria Steinem, Danny Glover, Jordin Sparks and Gladys Knight.

Her TEDx Talk, “The Business of Fun,” is inspired by her time performing in South Africa. Maureen’s message of diversity, equity and inclusion had 600 people on their feet when first presented at Monmouth University.

October 11 & 25

“Hello, Boar — You Must be Hungry” (Part III) by Sarah Matsui

SHOW DESCRIPTION: ‘Hello, Boar—You Must Be Hungry’ is a Taiwanese and Japanese American coming-of-age story, written by Sarah Matsui and developed with David Ford. ‘Hello, Boar’ was awarded ‘Top 20 Cultural Events of 2020’ in The Munro Review and a 2021 San Francisco Artist Grant. Veteran arts journalist Donald Munro wrote, “The experience of watching ‘Hello, Boar—You Must Be Hungry’ encapsulates what can be most wonderful about the Rogue Festival. The audience was small at VISTA Theatre for Matsui’s show, but the level of audience engagement — that elusive, hard-to-quantify, highly-sought-after connection between performer and observer — was off the charts. I could feel the bond. There was a special chemistry going on. People hugged Matsui when it was over. I walked away in tears.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Sarah Matsui is a Taiwanese and Japanese American writer who grew up in Honolulu and has since been based in Philadelphia, Oakland, and now San Francisco. Her work has been featured in NPR Code Switch, Jacobin Magazine, and Rethinking Schools Magazine’s “Our Picks for Books for Social Justice Teaching: Policy.” She is the recipient of awards/fellowships from the San Francisco Arts Commission, Tin House, Lighthouse, Theatre Bay Area, The Munro Review, and Kearny Street Workshop. She is currently working on completing her first solo show, titled “Hello, Boar—You Must Be Hungry.” Find her on Instagram: @sarahkmatsui.

“Elfin Mischief” by Janet Thornburg

SHOW DESCRIPTION: New in San Francisco, I move into a progressive commune and land a fun temporary job in a shopping mall. Then, ten days before Christmas, things start to unravel. Cat  poop in the shower. An outburst from a troubled Santa. An assault from a mother who will do ANYTHING to get her Christmas photo. And finally, a mysterious encounter with a woman in a polyester skirted suit with rhinestone buttons.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Janet Thornburg has written and performed eight solo shows. During the Pandemic, she has performed Zoom pieces about the insurrection of her coffee cups and another about the paradoxes of saving lives and being saved. Today’s selection is from her current project, the story of her first weeks in San Francisco.

“Don’t Make me Hate You” by Maureen Langan

(Performing on October 25 only). A stand-up comedy show! More information coming soon.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Maureen is an award-winning Bloomberg Television & Radio host, PBS documentary producer, TEDx Talk speaker, media coach and international standup comedian. She’s been featured at comedy festivals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South Africa.

As a performer and keynote speaker, Maureen has worked with entertainment, literary and cultural icons that include Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Gloria Steinem, Danny Glover, Jordin Sparks and Gladys Knight.

Her TEDx Talk, “The Business of Fun,” is inspired by her time performing in South Africa. Maureen’s message of diversity, equity and inclusion had 600 people on their feet when first presented at Monmouth University.

November 1 & 8

“Always, Only and Forever” by Linda Joy

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Are you looking for Love? So is Detective Hart after a number of people, all over 40, reported her missing. As head of the Department of Missing Emotions at the Hope Agency, Hart knows this is the most challenging case of her career. She consults those who know Romantic Love best: poets, singers, novelists, movie makers, and even a philosopher in order to crack the case. At the end of the work day, Hart returns to her apartment and reminisces about her own experiences with Romantic Love and her imposters: Stability, Compatibility, and Financial Security.   

This is the first in six episodes of “Always, Only and Forever.” Stay tuned as Detective Hart dodges the cynics who say Love doesn’t exist and sets out to crack the mystery of Romantic Love’s disappearance. 

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Linda Joy Pulliam is a writer, solo performer, and sociologist with a PhD from Northwestern University. Since 2005, Linda has been creating monologues and personal stories and performing them in California, Washington and Arizona. Relocating to the outer Bay Area in 2016, she studied with David Ford, took improv at BATS and storytelling at Stagebridge where she performed in their Valentines Show at Piedmont Center for the Arts. She was commissioned by The Marsh to create a piece, On The Brink, for its Times Unseen Festival in the Fall of 2018. 

Linda grew up in Encinitas when it was a small beach town known for surfing and flower growing, before the first freeway in San Diego County was built. As an adult, she has lived in major cities, small towns and rural areas in 16 states and in Japan. She is delighted to appear in person once more after suffering Zoom burnout. 

“The Big Snap” by Jeremy Greco

SHOW DESCRIPTION: The Big Snap!  On March 17th, 2020, a lockdown was announced in San Francisco.  Jeremy Greco decided to document each day by taking a picture.  What he thought would last 30 days, instead lasted 365.

From these pictures, Greco conducted a series of interviews of people
from all walks of life: head of the SF Republican party, John Dennis,
formerly incarcerated individual, Tony Cyprien, author Nicole Galland,
former Salon Advice Columnist, Cary Tennis, Greco’s daughters and many
others.  All of whom discussed their year of covid, Trump and their
hopes for the future – without Snapping.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Jeremy Julian Greco is a San Francisco-based actor,
director and writer.  Greco’s first solo show, “With Held,” directed
by Mark Kenward, was based on six months of interviews with San
Francisco mail artist and writer John Held Jr. Greco performed With
Held throughout the Bay Area including The San Francisco Fringe
Festival and the Marin Fringe Festival, where Greco won a Critics’
Circle Best Actor Award for his portrayal of the artist.

Greco has performed his most recent solo work, Keeping Up with the
Jorgensons – also directed by Mark Kenward – at The 2017 Yes to
Everything Festival, the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival (to sold
out crowds where it won a  “Best of” award honors), New York’s United
Solo Theater Festival in 2018,  a Discovery Run at The Marsh Theater
in San Francisco, the 2019 Whitefire’s Solo Fest in LA and at the
Dallas Solo Festival.

“Kiki and her Famous’Friends'” by Kiki Monifa

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Kiki tells more stories with pictures about the famous folks she has met, including Prince, Kevin Costner, Ed Asner, Rita Moreno, and Norman Lear!

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Kiki is a Blesbian comic, mother, wife, writer, and editor. She is the founder/CEO of BlackHistoryEveryday.com

November 15 & 29

“Boxsteps and Beers” by Bethany Mitchell

SHOW DESCRIPTION: “Box Steps and Beers” is the fantastical, musical story of Bethany’s life as a touring dancer and single female in New York City. Equal parts ridiculous, beautiful, and heart-breaking, “Box Steps and Beers” makes for a unique cocktail of song, dance, and storytelling. Did I mention that it’s also a drinking game? So grab a beer and sit back to enjoy something like you’ve never seen before.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Bethany Mitchell was raised in Mission Viejo, California, where she studied dance from the age of four and piano from the age of six. She began her professional career as a dancer in 2004 with Ballet Pacifica in Irvine, and moved to San Francisco in 2007 to tour internationally with Liss Fain Dance. While living in San Francisco, Bethany taught herself to play guitar and began to write her own music. In 2012, Bethany moved to New York City to further her career as a dancer and worked with Battery Dance performing and teaching domestically and in over forty countries abroad. While living in New York City, Bethany also played solo shows at Rockwood Music Hall and started an art salon with her roommates in her Brooklyn apartment. Her most recent music video, “Dicks,” was nominated at the Berlin Music Video Awards for “Best Low Budget.” She currently lives in San Francisco pursuing her own creative endeavors as a singer-songwriter, dancer, and producer. 

“Back in the Day” by Abdul Kenyatta

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Abdul Kenyatta is a storyteller who performs on National Public Radio- Snap Judgment and numerous stages around the country. He has won numerous Bay Area storytelling competitions including the Berkeley Moth. He has appeared at the Marsh Theaters in Berkeley and San Francisco with excerpts from his two one-person shows– BACK IN THE DAY and CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY AFRICAN IN AMERICA.In the San Francisco Bay Area, he has performed as an actor, poet and jazz and blues vocalist. Abdul-Kenyatta administered programs for the African American Historical and Culture Society, Bethel AME Church and the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department (Youth Guidance Center).

Executive Director of the Speakeasy Storyteller Series since 2012. The Speakeasy Storytellers began in 2012 as a forum for storytellers celebrating the art and craft of story-making.Stories connect us and bridge differences.

December 6 & 20

“The Road Unraveled” by Skip Goodman

SHOW DESCRIPTION: “The Road Unraveled” is a work in progress. Looking back, looking forward…it’s about making choices, taking chances and fumbling through life.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Skip goodman has been performing sporadically in San Francisco over the past 30 years. A short one-act at theater rhinoceros in the late 80’s. A brief stint doing stand-up at Josies cabaret in the early 90’s. He first performed solo material at the marsh as part of a workshop lead by Charlie Varon. The gaps between were filled in serving and eating delicious food. Most recently he has been trying to perfect Ina Garten’s vanilla cream cheese pound cake.

“TRASHEDIES” by Laura Sottile

SHOW DESCRIPTION: “What is a TRASHEDY?  The tragic truth of discarded valuable matter”7 Adventurous Comedy Vignettes recklessly  transporting you to a weird and wonderful place! 

A feminist woman struggling to keep her power through her failure in relationships.  Not to blame herself for needing to learn the hard way. 
Shame doesn’t make you feel that you did something wrong, it makes you feel that your are Fundamentally flawed.  Not realizing at first that you never got to start with a  full deck!

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Laura ‘LA’ Sottile, is an award winning actress, humorist, singer, director, composer, published author. A creative driven entertainment professional providing leadership and vision in guiding creative processes from concept through stages of development. Currently writing/performing her new show: THE MERRY SCAMP on YouTube in conjunction with the new production company Flying Bra Productions which currently is producing Comedy Vignettes for her new play “TRASHEDIES” She has produced/performed several original satires and published a short story called “Lilith Lies.”          “La Mamma Rocca”, was awarded Honorable Mention in the Memoirs/Personal Essay category of the 89th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition  December 2020 Issue. For five years as a humorist, she has written for “Foolish Times” Paper in Monterey, Ca.

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