Like many theaters in our community, The Marsh has postponed all in-person shows until further notice. But that won’t stop Monday Night Marsh from continuing to feature unique works-in-progress. Monday Night MarshStream is our new Monday Night Marsh with a few twists. Every Monday at 7:30pm, we bring you live plays, musicals, and projects from performers, both familiar and new, via ZOOM.

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About Monday Night Marsh

Stephanie Weisman, our theater’s founder and artistic director, started The Marsh because she wanted a place for writers and performers like herself to easily develop their work. In 1989, she planted a seed by starting a Monday night performance series at the Hotel Utah on Bryant Street. Monday Night Marsh is the seed that sprouted into what is now The Marsh Theater: A Breeding Ground for New performance. The program prides itself in sharing personal stories and unique experiences of all types, with a goal of amplifying the voices of our community. It is crucial, now more than ever, to share your story. Local celebrities like Josh Kornbluth and Marga Gomez got their start on Monday Night Marsh.

Now Accepting Submissions!

Calling all storytellers! We are now accepting submissions for Monday Night MarshStream’s summer series on an ongoing basis.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Potential MNMStream performers can submit a work-in-progress at any stage of the creative process up to 17 minutes long, or submit a more polished piece up to 45 minutes long. We accept solo plays, musicals, movement/dance pieces, and other similar performance projects.

DATES AVAILABLE: May 24, May 31, June 7, June 21

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your title, blurb, bio, and photo of either you or something that represents your piece to Indicate whether you are submitting a 10-17 minute piece, or a more polished 30-45 minute piece. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Program Director Alexa Almira at
Happy Writing!

Monday Night MarshStream Upcoming Performances

April 26 – Special Edition

David Ford’s Class Performance


May 3 – Solo Feature

“The Mark of the Labyrinth” by Sharon Eberhardt

SHOW DESCRIPTION: 1900. The Island of Crete. Archaeologists unearth tables with mysterious writing. Do they hold the secrets of the legendary Labyrinth, the monstrous Minotaur , and Ariadne, who helped the hero Theseus fight the beast? A working-class woman in New York and a rich male architect in London made history solving the mystery. But versions of that history differ. How much can a woman do? Will she get credit? Does she even want it.

May 10 – Solo Feature

“Penance. A Forward Look at a Backward Life” by Yvonne Baginski

Truth nuggets are in all stories…no matter how embellished, stretched, or exaggerated. After fifty years of toil and trouble, Yvonne Baginski decided to step forward into retirement and give up the working life, for the “good” life. What she’s discovered is not only has time sped up to immeasurable speeds, but there is a story at every turn that connects her planetary experience into a tale that resonates in universal existence.

In this Marsh Theater premiere, Yvonne will explore the mysteries of being alone/connected, religious/spiritual, bad/good, forgiven/damned, and how life’s meaning has transformed her through the years, finally culminating to where she started: Birth.

And all of it will be true.

May 17 – Solo Feature

“Dear Internet Trolls” by Lauren Mayer

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Lauren Mayer is a comedic singer/songwriter who posts weekly topical songs from the perspective of a feminist, progressive, opinionated Jewish mother (and yes, she knows that last part is redundant). Her videos have earned millions of views and almost as many trolls, and in this show she shares her journey through the ups and downs of social media visibility (including some of the songs that have inspired the most heated reactions).

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Lauren may be familiar to Marsh audiences as a regular panelist on Brian Copeland’s podcast. A phi beta kappa graduate of Yale, she has performed at countless Bay Area clubs and theaters. She is a 5-time recipient of the San Francisco Cabaret Gold Award, and her many albums of comedy songs and children’s music have won multiple awards and honors. Despite all of these achievements, Lauren’s mother still doesn’t understand why she didn’t go to law school.

May 24

“Air, a work in progress” by Mary Powelson

SF GEN TB SANITORIUM c. 1945 (girl unknown)

SHOW DESCRIPTION: When you get locked down, what do you lock away? When does solitude become  secrecy? I unlocked a secret world in my basement one night in the early days of the pandemic  while waiting on a call. That moment led to a personal essay, published in Her(oics) this March. But really, it opened up more than a just a childhood story of my mom who, at age  10, was hospitalized for six years in a TB sanitorium at San Francisco General. Treating  tuberculosis used to be all about light and fresh air – and isolation. Can the same be said for love  and other such intimacies? 

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Mary Powelson is an actor, director, playwright, and teacher. She holds a B.A. and M.A.  in Theatre from San Francisco State. Mary created and ran a San Francisco youth theatre  company where its community tended artistry and humanity. She teaches teenagers  Shakespeare, Playwrighting and Humanities. She reads plays aloud online with adults which  may continue post-pandemic. Mary currently collaborates with Bay Area playwrights and  theatres on developing new works for the theatre for both live and digital platforms. 

May 31

Coming Soon!

June 7

Coming Soon!

June 14

“For Melba: A SeriousAF Love Story for Daughters, Black, Beloved, & Coo-Coo” by Ipeleng Kgositsile

Photo by Marika Hughes

SHOW DESCRIPTION: For Melba: A SeriousAF Love Story for Daughters, Black, Beloved & Coo-Coo is a timely coming-of-age story by and about one of South Africa’s daughters, born and raised in exile during the global anti-apartheid movement of the late 20th century. Set in New York City, six months after the Soweto Youth Uprisings of June 1976, the play’s opening scene introduces Ipeleng, a second grader at P.S. 154 in Harlem, USA. It is Ipeleng’s 7th birthday – an occasion which sets the tone of her life for the next forty years. The play title gets its inspiration from For Melba, a 1970 poem and poetry collection by poet Keorapetse “Bra Willie” Kgositsile. Like its namesake, the play also pays homage to Melba, the poet’s first wife and Ipeleng’s mother, a daughter of Africa, the Great Migration, and Spirit. A work in progress, For Melba is entertaining theatre, ripe and ready, for the two-zeroes and beyond.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Ipeleng Kgositsile writes sh*t and talks to people. She is a storyteller, aspiring joke writer, and entrepreneur. A work in progress, For Melba: A SeriousAF Love Story for Daughters, Black, Beloved & Coo-Coo, formerly Chrysalis: A Love Story, is the playwright’s first full-length play. Born and raised in New York City, Ipeleng resides in Oakland, CA.

“The Big Gay Debutante Ball” by Meg Anderson

SHOW DESCRIPTION: My piece is an excerpt from my autobiographical musical, “The Big Gay Debutante Ball” — a series of vignettes telling of the terrifying and electrifying experiences of desire and shame — that dance one must dance as a queer girl growing up in a wealthy, midwestern Christian family. 

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: I am Meg Anderson, Multi-Disciplinary Performance Artist working with Text, Original Music, Movement and Character. I first came to the arts via sports — the sheer athleticism of throwing my body through space — I didn’t know modern dance was very much a sport that didn’t bother with a ball until I was twenty-five, after I majored in Theater at Indiana University and studied The Meisner Technique extensively. So I come to dance, acting and words with a strong training in stripping away all that gets in the way of vulnerability and authenticity and then applying character. My website is here.

June 21

Regina Stoops

More info about this piece coming soon.

June 28 – Solo Feature

Lauren Mayer

Lauren may be familiar to Marsh audiences as a regular panelist on Brian Copeland’s podcast.  A phi beta kappa graduate of Yale, she has performed at countless bay area clubs & theaters, she is 5-time recipient of the San Francisco Cabaret Gold Award, and her many albums of comedy songs and children’s music have won multiple awards and honors.  Despite all of these achievements, Lauren’s mother still doesn’t understand why she didn’t go to law school.

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