Monday Night Marsh

A San Francisco Institution for 30 years!

Initiated in 1989 at The Hotel Utah, Monday Night Marsh is the seed that started the breeding ground for new performance. This program spotlights the ongoing works-in-progress of emerging solo performers of all levels and ages (16+). We feature a variety of actors, storytellers, musicians, contortionists, and playwrights. Many local celebrities like Marga Gomez and Josh Kornbluth developed their work here and so can you! Become a part of this special program, or come support the four-five different performers each Monday night in San Francisco. Experience the magic. Wonderful things can happen.

As each story on a given night can vary widely between subject matter, the recommended age limit for audience members is 16 and over.

How to Submit Your Piece

Want the chance to perform on two nights in the Monday Night Marsh series? We will be accepting submissions for the January – June 2020 series starting Monday, October 14. Detailed information on dates and what to include in your submission will be made available on October 14. Email Program Director, Alexa Almira at with any questions in the meantime. Happy writing!

Show Info

Time: Doors open at 7:00pm | Performances start at 7:30pm
Tickets Online: $8 – $15 sliding scale
Tickets At the Door: $10 – $15 sliding scale
All seating for these performances are first-come, first-served.
Performances take place in the MainStage Theater in San Francisco

Upcoming Shows

All shows performed in the San Francisco Mainstage unless otherwise noted

October 7 & 21

“TEMPTING FATE” by Antic in a Drain / Ross Travis
A satirical sideshow entertainment reflecting in the house of mirrors called climate change. Balk at the science, bemoan the social impacts, and scream in horror at the political divide. You’ll find yourself laughing at the grotesque hyperbole, and the fantastically fecund characters characters bedecked in disdain and hubris. See Mother Earth talk trash to those who bite her tot while suckling her life-giving abundance.

“POOLSIDE, SKID ROW” by Brittany Kamerschen
Birtttany A. Kamerschen is a creative writer and local performer. She is versed in musical theater and Shakespeare and  holds a Creative Writing degree from San Francisco State University. Her written work is concentrated in poetry and prose. “Poolside, Skid Row” is a political and poetic love letter to Los Angeles. Its creation is inspired by the people and culture she experienced while living on the border of Skid Row, a community in downtown Los Angeles with the highest population of homelessness in the country.

“ANY LAUGHTER HELPS?” by Sabrina Miller
“Whether you’re cisgender or transgender, dating is hard.” I’ve heard that quite a few times. To which I say, “Maybe you should get a transwoman’s perspective on ingratiation and dating before opening your mouth?” Just saying is all. Through standup comedy, I’m going to give you this transwoman’s perspective on dating and breakups; I’m going to talk about growing up closeted-transgender in the south; I’m going to talk about the War on Pussy. And I’m going to do so in such a way that you’re left wondering, “Was it okay for me to laugh at her jokes?” By the end of my set, whether transgender human or cisgender human, I think we’ll all agree that life can sometimes almost drive you to the height of despair.

“ALLEGIANCES” by Amy Oppenheimer
It’s 1970. After Kent State joining a revolutionary collective seemed the right thing to do for a 17 year old who thought high school was irrelevant. But then a collective member is brutally rapes and sexual violence and racism play out in unexpected ways. Come watch the drama unfold. *A trigger warning is issued for this piece, as a brutal rape is described.

Fun Facts, only from Mr. Science! Did you know that futons are made of tofu. Did you know that 77% of alligator attacks happen at public bus stops? Why are Oranges bigger than Lemons? Also learn about Mr. Science’s acquaintance with Dr. Frankenstein! See a demonstration of how a household item can be used to play music! Come to learn, walk out laughing! Certifiable since 2016.

November 4 & 18

“DEARLY BELOVED” by Dorothy Richman
Dorothy Richman, a rabbi, performs Dearly Beloved, a funny and poignant tour of race, religion, soul, and community through two funerals: one in Bible Belt Virginia, and one in Ghana.

“CHRYSALIS: A LOVE STORY” by Ipeleng Kgositsile
“Chrysalis” tells the story of a love-obsessed alcoholic, from the moment she walks into rehab and begins fixating on Malik, a dude in her drug treatment program whoese politically charged childhood mirrors her own.

“WESTERN CANNON” by Thomas White
Coming soon.

“40 ACRES & A POLAR BEAR” by Omar Hutchins
Third generation SF native, mixed race, HBCU-bound, stand-up comedian, Omar Hutchins, tells jokes about growing up in the “new” San Francisco.

“CHILE! HOOD STORIES” by Sevan Kelee Boult
Come galavanting with Foxy Loxy telling his account of the day Henny Penny claimed the sky fell! A sly fox makes his way around town and through several stories using his clothing and gender fluidity to protect his identity.”Chile! Hood Stories” is a multi-disciplinary theater production exploring safe sex, gender fluidity, sexuality, and cannabis. This retelling of classic children’s tales with story lines that reflect a broad range of sexualities, genderqueer and cis-gender characters. Truth be told, fables were meant for adults all along!

December 16 & 30

“MONEY & UNEMPLOYMENT” by Malcolm Grissom
“BORN AGAIN IN BERKELEY” by Theresa Donahoe

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