• Lear’s Shadow
    Geoff Hoyle's LEAR'S SHADOWS
  • Fool la la by Unique Derique

    "Derique…, demonstrated his rapid-fire hands as they passed over his body in a blur of motion.” — Gia Kourlas, New York Times

  • Into The Cole
    Aaron Akins' INTO THE COLE: A One Man Show Inspired by Nat King Cole
  • TheWaitingPeriod-Tabard
    Brian Copeland's THE WAITING PERIOD

    "...honestly, it’s such a strong piece that I’d recommend it just as heartily to anyone who’s ever been human.” — Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect

  • Stereotypo
    Don Reed's' STEREOTYPO: Rants and Rumblings at the DMV
  • IMG_4984
    Charlie Varon's FEISTY OLD JEW

    "Literary, comic gold. There’s nothing surprising about Charlie Varon’s ability to play four people in one car so skillfully that there’s never any doubt about who’s saying what, nor his remarkable skills as a satirist of our times.” — Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

  • Hey Hey LBJ

    "Normally, we would not post a review of a show in developmental stage, but David Kleinberg’s ‘Hey, Hey LBJ’ is already a gripping piece of theater . . . (and is) as strong as . . . shows we’ve seen on larger (Bay Area) stages.” —Doug Konecky, SF Theater Blog

  • Cops & Robbers

    "Ferreira’s play certainly doesn’t preach to any one choir…He’s amazing, he’s talented, he’s a rapper and he’s a good cop.” — Martha Ross, Contra Costa Times

  • Rebecca Charlie & Mark
    25th Anniversary Marsh Talk Series — Rebecca Fisher, Mark Kenward, & Charlie Varon's SOLO PERFORMANCE 2.0: ENERGY, INTIMACY, & COMMUNITY
  • Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters

    "In the wrong hands, these type of bold performances would fall apart. With the right skill, however, performers such as Echo bring these characters alive.” — Daily Californian

  • HT 1990 Promo Photo B
    Josh Kornbluth's HAIKU TUNNEL

    "HAIKU is simply a thoroughly entertaining, funny 80 minutes with one of the more subversively original minds in the theater.” —Robert Hurwitt, Examiner

  • JoshKZH_700
  • 25thGalaThanks

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