From the Archives – A Tribute to David Ford

From the Archives – A Tribute to David Ford

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Marsh Treasure David Ford, his work, his art.

David Ford has been a Marsh treasure since his and our first full-length run in 1990, Josh Kornbluth’s HAIKU TUNNEL. David is still going strong in 2020, developing new shows, dong it remotely, with a myriad of new performers like Geoff Hoyle, Brian Copeland and even me. 

In 2007 we held a special “Marsh Treasure” tribute for David. Uploaded here is the video we made for the event. In it, there are performance excerpts interspersed with Charlie Varon interviewing the most humble and brilliant David. 

It was incredible to again watch the excerpt from Marga Gomez’s MEMORY TRICKS, capturing for me the most memorable line in her show, a snapshot of Charlie Varon’s THE PEOPLE’S VIOLIN, one of my most favorite shows. And more incredible David Ford directed shows by Susan Van Allen, Wayne Harris, Todd Le Jeune, Erica Lann-Clark, Bruce Pachtman, Nina Wise, Rebecca Fisher, Brian Copeland, Azeem, Ron Jones and Michael Rice and Brian Copeland. 


Such wonderful performances, all developed with David. And, through Charlie’s interview, we get an incredible and informative look into David’s humble brilliance. Even up to the video’s end, where David emotionally talks about Martin Luther King’s I’ve Got A Dream speech and its impact on his life’s work.  

David Ford. 2007 tribute event video performance list in order

Ron Jones and Michael Rice’s SAY RAY, 2001
Susan Van Allen’s JERSEY GIRLS, 1991
Bruce Pachtman’s DON’T MAKE ME TOO PSYCHOTIC, 2002
Todd LeJeune’s DON’T LET GO OF THE POTATO, 2006
Erica Lann-Clarke’s SHOPPING FOR GOD, 2006
Mark McGoldrick’s COUNTER COUP, 2007
Nina Wise’s WHITE TRASH, 1991
Ismail Azeem’s RUDE BOY, 2006
Bill Talen’s APPLE PIE WITH ‘GEORGE AND JANE, 1992 (not at Marsh)
Marga Gomez’s MEMORY TRICKS, 1991
Wayne Harris’ MAY DAY PARADE, 2006
Brian Copeland’s NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN, 2004
Charlie Varon’s THE PEOPLE’S VIOLIN, 2000