From Whence Goddess Came

A guest post from Sherry Glaser

In a world where each day brings a new conflict, whether it be in nature or among us political creatures, there is little we agree on. In fact, we find it more and more challenging to find common ground. But OMGS! There is good news because the common ground is much closer than we think. In fact, it’s right under our very nose. It’s the ground we walk on, it’s the Earth itself. We are earthlings! No one can deny this, it’s true, and the fact is that the Earth provides every single thing we need to live and breathe, and yet, we act like it’s not even there. So arrogant, don’t ya think?

As I was in labor on my deck in a little valley in Northern California back in the 20th century, suffering through contractions for three days to deliver my 2nd daughter Lucy, I had an epiphany that it was the Mother that gave birth to the universe, not the Father that the world’s three major religions propose. They all say that the Father is the creator, and I beg to differ, hell, I don’t even beg. I simply differ. It is the feminine principle that creates, gestates, and gives birth. 

It became my mission, soon after her birth, to materialize on stage as MA, the great Jewish Mother of us all. As Mother Earth, to give voice to this eternal, fertile, generous, supportive, miraculous living being that loves and feeds us no matter what. She is the missing piece in our ever-devolving civilizations because we have no root connection or recognition of the fact that we’re walking all over her. To bring her to life, I knew I would need a vessel, the perfect vehicle to carry her to an audience. It made total sense to me that that vessel would be my noble and handsome Miguel De’ Cervantes, a character that I’ve been inhabiting for over 40 years. 

Miguel De’ Cervantes

I love the balance of masculine and feminine when it comes to theater. I love representing the male narrative that challenges the status quo and tired clichés of Hispanic men who are constantly portrayed as gang members and drug dealers. My Miguel is searching for purpose and awakens to become a man full of bravery, tenderness, understanding, strength, and compassion and is now devoting his life in service to the Mother. 

This reminds me; that’s the other thing we all have in common; We were all born from a mother, and we all start out as female with xx chromosomes. Women are the source of life. It is through this Comedy of Biblical Proportions that I express my undying, passionate belief that if we could shift our paradigm just a bit in that direction, realizing our divine and earthly connection to the Mother as Source things just might turn out all right. 

Sherry Glaser is the star and author of Family Secrets, Taking the High Road and Oh My Goddess! She is also a director, published author, teacher, and political activist.

Her show, Oh My Goddess! A Comedy of Biblical Proportions, runs at The Marsh Berkeley Mar 6, 2020 – Apr 11, 2020. Tickets and more information in the link below.

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