Marsh Talk: The Land Of Somebody Cares

David Ford’s


A Practical Hermeneutics of Meaning as It Applies to the Artist

Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 1pm | San Francisco


Meaning is eternal isn’t it? That’s the whole point of our hunger for meaning, right? To have something durable? In the midst of life’s compromises, contradictions, misery and unfairness? In the face of life’s trajectory?
Un-unh. That’s for audiences. Not for us. Not for artists. We are intimate, like a doctor and her patient. We need to know about the ins and outs on the colon of meaning. A talk for artists and the people who are interested in the development of new work.

Artist Biography

David Ford is the one of the nation’s leading directors of solo theater. He has collaborated with Charlie Varon for over two decades, and with dozens of other performers, including Geoff Hoyle, Brian Copeland, Marilyn Pittman and Echo Brown. For this project David has also taken on the role of conductor (although he will not appear on stage).