Hippie Kid – Rising

Written & Performed by Zappo Diddio
Directed by Zappo Diddio
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 7:30pm
90 minutes | No intermission | Ages 17+
Tickets: $15

Show Description

Zappo’s solo performance covers a spectrum of his extraordinary life experiences. From growing up as a kid in a hippie commune, to his work with children in schools, hospitals, and orphanages, he peels into the the rich fruits of joy and pain. The show ebbs and flows through joys and hilarity of his unique childhood, the unanswered questions relating to abandonment by his father and the profound grief he continues to navigate since his mother’s passing many years ago. Zappo goes into comical antics of growing up around rock & roll festivals and his collection of short stories and quotes from the many kids he’s worked with. Through hysterical comedy, story telling and original songs, Zappo reflects on his path to healing through loving kindness and service toward young people in crisis. Forgiveness and reconciliation are a reoccuring theme as he makes efforts to reconnect with his dad and leaning into his paternal Jewish ancestry. Exploring how life’s challenges call us into the healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit, Zappo stumbles through the gauntlet of recovering health and his once joyful life after 12 years of ongoing negotiation with Lymes disease. Like life itself, this performance leads to deep meaning as it moves along a roller coaster of hilarious, heart opening story telling.

Artist Biography

I have devoted the last twenty five years to doing what I can to spread love and joy into as many hearts and minds as I can reach. Most of this effort has been through tremendous time and energy spent in countless programs offering guidance, enrichment, and emotional healing to children of all backgrounds imaginable.