The Magic of Ordinary Things – Rising


A Marsh Rising Presentation

Written & Performed by Gina Harris
Directed by Michael French
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at 7:30 pm
70 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 14+
Tickets: $15

Marsh Risings are One-Night-Only performances of rising talent at The Marsh. Marsh Rising presents works in progress that may be ready for an extended run. For information about putting on a Marsh Rising show, email David Hirata at

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Show Description

How do you go on when the people you love die?  
If you could see them one more time, what would you say?  
What would you want to hear?

Gina Harris got the chance.  The Magic of Ordinary Things is a musical memoir that tells the story of how moments missed and things once taken for granted become the stepping stones to a new life.  It’s never too late.

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