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Part 3: Now, The Hard Part 
The Rehab Hospital.  After months in a primary care hospital, an exploration of the next phase:  three months of intensive inpatient rehabilitation, where friendships are forged as a small cohort of broken bodies recycle themselves into people who can live in the world anew.

Part 2: Close to the Edge 
Having raised the stakes each time he got in trouble, our main character finally messes up so greatly his very existence is in peril.  A serious accident leaves life in the balance, with a broken skull, spine, and a bunch of other stuff.  Now what?

Part 1: Riding for a Fall – We meet a headstrong youth, determined to push away caring loved ones and do what he wants, regardless of consequences.  How many times do you have to break your hands on other people’s heads before you realize it’s just not working?

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