MISF Performer Marga Gomez

Photo By Anne Whitman

Saturday, October 10, 2020
7:30 – 8:45pm PT

***This performance will NOT be available to Festival Pass holders after the live airdate. If you want to watch this, join us LIVE.***

“Not Getting Any Younger”

Written and Performed by Marga Gomez
Developed with Ellen Sebastian Chang

San Francisco, CA, USA

“Wild mix of childhood memory, social satire, reflections on aging, denial of same, confession, evasion and laugh riot.”  Highest Rating, SF Chronicle

Marga Gomez tackles the latest generational divides, weaving her commentary through hilarious surreal life vignettes: little Marga visits the worst amusement park ever with her showgirl mom, little Marga attends a dysfunctional birthday party for her childhood nemesis Crazy Lisa and adult Marga tries to get a senior discount at Forever 21. In an energetic and meta 55 minutes Marga looks back on how even an outspoken lesbian can find herself in the closet for women of a certain age.

About the Artist

Marga Gomez is a GLAAD Award-winning writer/performer of thirteen solo plays which have been presented Off-Broadway and in San Francisco at The Marsh, Brava, and more. Her television appearances include HBO’s “Comic Relief” at the invitation of Robin Williams who called her “Amazing… a lesbian Lenny Bruce.” Her acting credits include theatre roles: Campo Santos SF production of  “Translating Selena” (January 2020) Off-Broadway Ars Nova production of “Dr. Rides American Beach House” (November 2019) television: “Sense8” (Netflix.) She also  teaches solo performance online and produces virtual comedy shows.




As delineated by the performer
Age recommendation: 12+
Trigger Warnings: No
Run time: 55 minutes