MISF Performer Skyler Cooper

Photo by Steven Gotz

Sunday, October 11, 2020
3:00 – 4:15pm PT

A One Man Show

Written and Performed by Skyler Cooper
Directed by Domenique Lozano

California, USA

In A ONE MAN SHOW Skyler Cooper Charts his course of transformation from a Baptist minister’s daughter afraid to tell her parents she like girls, didn’t believe in God, and desperately wished to become a man, through the death of his mother that serves as the unexpected catalyst that sets Skyler on his path toward whom he’s always been.

About the Artist

Skyler Cooper – is a writer, producer, director, actor, and activist. Skyler began working as a performer in classical and contemporary theater, 10 years later he wrote produced and directed himself in the lead role resulting in an award-winning film HERO MARS.   Skyler debut film HERO MARS has garnered him national and worldwide recognition and it continues to be used at high schools, universities, and organizations for gender studies, inspirational talks, and Trans-awareness to this day.  Throughout his 20 years in theater and film, Skyler is notable for his canon of work portraying male and female characters.  June 2019 he made headlines in the SF Chronicle by becoming the first transgender man in the history of classical theater cast to play Othello.   A One-Man Show is Skyler’s first solo performance!  Currently, he is developing and producing his next film titled Worthy of Survival starting Fall 2020.


As delineated by the performer
Age recommendation: 11+
Trigger Warnings: No
Run time: 60 minutes