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As many of you know, The Marsh has postponed all in-person shows until further notice, but that won’t stop Monday Night Marsh from continuing to bring you the unique stories we all love. Monday Night MarshStream is our new Monday Night Marsh with a few twists. Every Monday at 7:30pm, we bring you 4 live pieces from performers, both familiar and new, via zoom. Audience members who attend the live stream will also get the chance to perform a short 5 to 10 minute piece! Will it be you? 

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Join us every Monday at 7:30pm. Wonderful things can happen.

June 15 – Special Edition

Performances from the Formerly Incarcerated Peoples Project that will feature performances from mothers whose children have been impacted by the American penal system. Directed & Produced by Mark Kenward, Rebecca Fisher, & Wayne Harris. Consulting Producer: Toni Weingarten 

Who Changed My Narrative?
by Denise Jones

Denise is the proud parent of five wonderful children, and six grandchildren who she loves very much. Denise has a passion for working with women impacted by life’s challenges such as: HIV/AIDS, mental illness, teen pregnancy, and the homeless.

In 2005, Denise founded “It’s Not Over Prison Ministry” where she gained a new passion for the incarcerated. During this time, the penal system impacted her son. His incarceration deepened her understanding of the pain of those she worked to help; their pain and not having a love one home for the holidays, events, or birthdays.

Denise often found herself crying late at night from the shame that her son’s incarceration placed on her, but with the help of God and family, she is learning how to navigate through this part of her life. Now, she uses her experience as a platform to assist and motivate another hurting Mother.

Denise is currently working on her own nonprofit agency for those dealing with mental illness. She has impacted many lives through motivational speaking, feeding the homeless and performing lead roles in stage plays. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, scrap booking, comedy shows, and spending quality time with family.

by Pearl Louise

Pearl is very happy and excited to be a part of this performance group and to share a different perspective on incarceration, that of of the Families That Are Left Behind.

When Pearl’s teenage son was convicted and sentences to serve 10 years in the California prison system, Pearl was thrown into the system, too.

Pearl asks how many stories are told of those left behind: the wives, girlfriends, husbands, Baby Mamas, grandparents, children, significant others, parents, siblings? What about the stories of shame, abandonment, loss of income, losing homes, paying bail, stigma, police invasion, wiretapping, attorney fees, loss of communication, violence, visitations, and stress? Because when your children go to jail–The Whole Family Does Time! Can a family hang together through the passing of years? When your child is released, do they have a home to which to return? Will you let a parolee live in your home? Will a former inmate be able to really handle their child who is no longer five months old, but 10 years old? And so on…Pearl hopes that through her performance with the other mothers, they can all reach you to share their experience in the American penal system.

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