Monday Night MarshStream | 6-8

Welcome to Monday Night MarshStream!

As many of you know, The Marsh has postponed all in-person shows until further notice, but that won’t stop Monday Night Marsh from continuing to bring you the unique stories we all love. Monday Night MarshStream is our new Monday Night Marsh with a few twists. Every Monday at 7:30pm, we bring you 4 live pieces from performers, both familiar and new, via zoom. Audience members who attend the live stream will also get the chance to perform a short 5 to 10 minute piece! Will it be you? 

Join us every Monday at 7:30pm. Wonderful things can happen.

by Helene Lara

Road trips can inspire nostalgia, fantasy, and, at the moment, longing for normalcy. Follow Helene’s journey back home as she takes a jaunt down memory lane, plays Russian Roulette with the gas tank, and encounters a detour into normal existence. 

Helene Lara hails from New York City and is comfortably settling into her Bay Area home and the Berkeley storytelling community. By day, she is a patented inventor and a user experience evangelist, who enjoys yoga and photography. Helene is thrilled to be part of the Marsh community.

by Richelle Lee Slota

Kind of a Drag: No camp. Serious drag with a sense of humor.

Richelle Lee Slota writes novels, non-fiction, plays, and poetry. Her novel, Stray Son, and a non-fiction book, Captive Market: Commercial Kidnapping Stories From Nigeria, were published recently. Her short play, We All Walk in Shoes Too Small, was produced at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London. She lives in San Francisco.

by Michal Victoria

‘Bardo’ is a work in progress which attempts to tip some of our society’s sacred cows with both drama and humor: the epidemic of child abuse and how it’s passed through generations, our stigma towards illness, our beliefs around healing, the Shadow side of the New Age-ism, as well as one person’s rise from death bed to healing (and still healing), as we travel through time and space.  

Michal Victoria studied acting, dance and voice at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City for four years, and vaudeville for two years at Carnegie Hall. Battling an undiagnosed illness and trauma from age six that landed her in bed half her life, Michal lived between two worlds. While out of bed, she performed in San Francisco City Summer Opera “Cry The Beloved Country/Lost in the Stars”, sang in Glide choir in San Francisco, and sang back-up and played percussion in a rock band for 11 years. She also played Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare in the Park) and was in the ensemble of “In the Mood” (Shakespeare in the Cannery). Michal appeared in several small films including Super Hero Hotline. In attempts to heal herself, Michal studied shamanism and became an initiated priestess, got certified as a Pilates teacher, and tried every healing modality she could afford. As a thin-skinned sacred cow tipper, Michal is in no position to poke the bear of our collective Shadow. And yet she does.

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