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June 23, 2021 at 7:30pm PT

ANCAN featuring
Stephanie Weisman

Stephanie Weisman will premiere her new video series, Stephanie’s Tidbits on Living While Maybe Dying.

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The Show

Stephanie Weisman will premiere her new video series, Stephanie’s Tidbits on Living While Maybe Dying. This solo performance short is focused on Cancer Victim/Survivor PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). It explores what recovery means when the outlook is unpredictable, And how one copes, both at survival and creative levels, with the stress of cancer, its treatment and moving beyond. Stephanie looks forward to chatting with cancer support maestro and AnCan founder Rick Davis about resource and support groups and the anxiety experienced by individuals living with serious, chronic illnesses.


Stephanie Weisman needs no introduction to San Francisco Bay Area audiences, who know her as the Artistic Director and Founder of The Marsh, an esteemed performance and educational organization with venues in San Francisco and Berkeley. However, many supporters of The Marsh may not know that Stephanie has been personally touched by her own and loved ones’ cancer experiences. AnCan participants know well the physical and mental hurdles that face chronic disease patients, their caregivers, and their loved ones. AnCan hosts peer-led, video support groups for patients and caregivers of many conditions and situations. In early 2021, Stephanie invited AnCan to coproduce and host monthly episodes of The Marsh’s weekly Solo Arts Heal series.


SOLO ARTS HEAL, a weekly MarshStream Public Broadcast Platform program, presents empowering performances about healing and resilience. Through hosted interviews, talkbacks and audience Q&A, the Solo Arts Heal program provides transformative experiences, education, community outreach and advocacy through stories that celebrate the healing power of the arts.


AnCan is about people helping people, peer-to-peer ….. we are people living with various conditions and situations who help others faced with similar issues. We do this collectively and individually by providing answers, support and navigation to empower people living with serious and chronic conditions to address their worlds. Our non-profit vision is to provide easily accessible, inclusive virtual peer support for every serious disease and condition allowing widespread participation, especially to those geographically, physically or socially disadvantaged.
AnCan currently hosts around 30 monthly video chat virtual meetings for 11 different conditions. We also produce a dozen or so webinars each year. If you are interested in starting a group for your condition, please reach out to us at info@ancan.org.

If you’d like to sign up for any of our free, drop-in sessions, please visit https://ancan.org

About the Host

Rick Davis is a serial social entrepreneur with a background in finance and real estate. Back in 2010, he had the vision to make peer support virtual and bring it to those who needed it, rather than them having to seek it out. First proving the concept for prostate cancer, AnCan started with telephone conference calls, innovated video chat groups back in 2015, and now hosts almost 30 monthly groups for various cancers, multiple sclerosis and more. Rick met The Marsh’s Founder, Stephanie Weisman through providing support and navigation to a mutual friend. He and AnCan are thrilled and honored to collaborate with The Marsh on Solo Arts Heal. 

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