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Excerpts, talkbacks and Q&A with special guests
providing health and healing education and advocacy.


The Pink Hulk chronicles Valerie’s extraordinary journey in kicking cancer to the curb 3 times with plenty of humor—guaranteed! A survivor of both non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and breast cancer twice, her show is NOT just about cancer—it is about fighting back from any adversity in life. The Pink Hulk has been making an impact on audiences with its universal message of hope and empowerment. Her powerful mantra is to never, ever give up hope, even in the worst of circumstances. Valerie has toured The Pink Hulk around the country and worldwide—over 23 cities and all over Europe. In a little over 3 years’ time, The Pink Hulk was accepted into 28 different play festivals, went from page to stage in less than 6 months. She also holds post-show audience talkbacks and special panels with prominent members of the healthcare community on topics ranging from patient advocacy to coping mechanisms. 

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Guests Talkback Speakers: 
Director Maris Heller & Jenny L. Saldaña


It is the most powerful and poignant two hours I have ever spent at a theater. Her performance is life-changing…and we should all be a little grateful that there are people like Valerie David to lighten the way...” (BROADWAY WORLD)

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Valerie David presents excerpts from her critically, internationally acclaimed comedic solo show, The Pink Hulk, which chronicles her extraordinary journey to become a three-time cancer survivor. Now battling breast cancer after fighting off lymphoma, Valerie does something most people facing cancer in their life probably wouldn’t think of doing. With a fear that she might lose “the girls”, she takes them out for one last hurrah. Does Valerie succeed? Is there a “happy” ending?! This award-winning solo show follows Valerie’s path to find her superhero within to fight back and become a cancer survivor. An empowering, true story—with plenty of laughs guaranteed. 


Solo performers present real-life, empowering stories. Transformative experiences for audiences. A theater of resilience that celebrates overcoming mental and physical life challenges and offers hope and inspiration. SOLO ARTS HEAL includes excerpts, talkbacks, and Q&A that provide education and advocacy. Readings or clips of performances will be shared by artists in conversation with Gail Schickele, whose work as a manager and producer of solo artists inspired collaboration of performing arts presenters with artists on a medical track based on their personal experience. The collective creative vision? To help communities through educational outreach and the healing power of the Arts. 

About the Host

Gail Schickele (Host) champions arts & sciences taking her left and right brain wherever she travels. As an arts manager, consultant, and producer dba SAGE Artists, she convened an ‘Arts Heals’ group of solo artists at APAP 2020 whose unique stories of physical and mental challenges evince the healing power of The Arts.  The COVID lockdown inspired Stephanie Weisman to create SOLO ARTS HEAL to share these outstanding stories of resilience, dramatic and comedic, for the entertainment and benefit of communities everywhere. Gail’s expertise in marketing, management, booking and production has served various theaters, festivals and events nationwide. Trained as a journalist in New York and Colorado, Gail has covered Colorado state politics and the environmental landscape of the Rockies. Environmental science inspires her educational and advocacy work in California with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, and for the League of Women Voters for which she’s worked as an administrator and reporter on environmental issues Including legislation, climate science outreach, and co-chair of an environmental speakers series. Gail is honored to host SOLO ARTS HEAL where artists powerful stories offer audiences great performance and ‘informance’ on issues related to health and the environment, inexorably linked.

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