Through January 14, 2021

Wow!!!  The Nutshell is incredible!!! All grown up and multi-national!!! 
– Susan S

Celebrate the Nutcracker holiday tradition by clicking to see The Nutshell! a fresh and inspired rendition of the age-old classic. Showcasing a host of dancers from companies around the world. From San Francisco to Nigeria to Kosovo!

Two Options to Watch the Nutshell!

Thursday:  Dec 31, 8 pm
Friday:  Jan 1, 3:30 pm
Saturday: Jan 2 at 5 pm 
Sunday; Jan 3 at 2 pm 

Video On Demand:  $20
(or $15 with the code: MARSH)
see Nutshell! anytime and as many times as you want through January 14, 2021

Produced by Mannakin Theater & Dance and Artistic Director, Nathan Cottam.

Watch the Trailer

The experience was nothing short of magical! – Amy S.

The Nutshell! was created and filmed with the safety of the dancers and crew in mind, and in a way that reflects the realities we’ve all been living in for many months.  You’ll see dancers wearing colorful masks as part of their costumes and in different outdoor locations on almost every continent, all knitted together in a way that brings you on a journey from your living room couch even better than the one we normally see Clara take from her throne on stage.

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