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ALL DAY Saturday November 21

Merle Kessler
The Important Announcer

Immediately followed by a Q&A with
Founder/Artistic Director Stephanie Weisman

Show Description

Are important announcements made by important announcers? We will explore that question.  If we no longer have important announcers, what will happen to important announcements?  Is importance itself endangered? Will we impose unimportance on the past?  The Important Announcer- where will he go, how will he live, where did he come from, can he be saved?  Stay tuned. Now this.  

Merle Kessler is a longtime Bay Area writer and performer, better known to some of you by his alter ego, Ian Shoales.  Now trapped in his own house by the twin demons of retirement and the Rona, he stews in his own bile and blames Trump.  How long oh lord how long?

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