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April is National Poetry Month

Mike McFadin

Cowboy Poet and Author

Thursday, April 1, 2021
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Looking for something out of the norm? Tune in as Mike McFadin makes his debut on the MarshStream. Normally Mike would be spinning yarns around the campfire far from civilization but Stephanie stumbled on to this oddball while walking her dog to visit the mules in Northern California and invited him to tell a few poems, along with the stories that brought them to be.

Mike joined us to talk about mountain living, Mule Psychology, and perhaps entertain us with some stories from the mountains that are true … or at least based on fact…loosely.



Mike McFadin lives with his wife and son in a small town in Northern California. He works as a Wilderness Manager for the United States Forest Service. He loves the high country and all the characters he gets to work with, both two and four-legged.

Two of his favorite things are taking the mules to kids’ events and watching the looks on their faces when he explains to them that they are the owners of public lands. In addition to stories for kids about Ivan the Mule, Mike writes cowboy poetry and stories about living in the woods.


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