Marsh on Tour: APAP 2020

The Marsh On Tour

January 10-14, 2020, APAP | NYC
The Hilton NY Midtown
The Gibson Suite, 2nd floor

With more than 1,000 performances happening in and around this year’s conference, artist showcases are one of the top reasons professionals from around the world come to APAP|NYC!

Once again, The Marsh is part of it, highlighting our artists and meeting others. Representing The Marsh at APAP 2020 are these following stars ….

COLETTE UNCENSORED tells the story of the author’s passionate quest as a writer, a woman, a pioneer for social change, and a lover. Colette wrote the books that the movies Gigi and Cheri were based on, as well as fifty other works. In addition to a prolific career as a writer, Colette blazed trails in many areas, from women’s empowerment, to respect for nature, to sexual liberation. 1/11, 9 pm

Clawing her way out of anesthesia—like in one of those sci-fi sleep pods—our astronaut wakes with five quarter-inch holes in her abdomen. Her female organs abducted by The DiVinci Robot.

What Susan Komen did for breasts and Gilda Radner did for ovaries, our astronaut is hilariously and poignantly ready to do for the uterus; oh and the under-represented women’s health universe. 1/11, 9:20 pm

VOX in a BOX, is an autobiographical monologue about an African-American singer’s struggle to find her voice. From opera to jazz, gospel and
spoken word, Candace Y. Johnson candidly reflects on the 20+ years it took to free her voice. Accompanied by pianist Ben Flint, Johnson engages the audience with improvised moments throughout and an opportunity for playback theater at the end. 1/11 9:40pm & 1/12, 7pm

What’s in a name? A minefield of misplaced notions – comical, sad, demeaning. Irma’s observations from the front-lines, notes from American history, and laugh-out-loud humor allow us to consider what it will take for all of us to get along. 1/12, 7:20 pm

Poet Sylvia Plath returns to her burial place in West Yorkshire, England to view the fourth replacement of her tombstone. The previous ones have been defaced by feminists who chiseled off her married name, claiming it was Ted Hughes who caused Sylvia’s death. Did he?  Was her suicide at 30 a good career move? Would she do it again? And what does it say to us today? 1/12, 7:40 pm

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