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Brian Copeland

Grandma and Me

In Brian Copeland’s highly anticipated new play, he examines the issue single parenting through a very personal story.

The Jewelry Box

In this hilariously heartwarming story, a prequel to Copeland’s hit solo show ‘Not a Genuine Black Man’, a young Brian heads to the “mean streets” of Oakland to buy his mom a Christmas present.

The Waiting Period

An unrelenting look at 10 days, the mandatory waiting period before Brian could lay get his newly purchased gun with which he planned to take his own life.

Not a Genuine Black Man

NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN Written by Brian Copeland Directed by David Ford Sound/Lightboard Operator: Erich Blazeski “A beautiful mix of wry …

The Scion

Copeland employs his razor sharp wit to explore the roles of privilege and government regulation in modern society.