Durst Case Scenario


Written & Performed by Will Durst

CLOSED! (but not forgotten)

2017 BroadwayWorld Winner Best Solo Play

2017 Theatre Bay Area Nominee Outstanding Solo Play

“It’s not just a cathartic evening, but a galvanizing one.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Prepare to meet the funny side of defiance.” –Joint Forces Journals

“‘Durst Case Scenario’ brings out the best at The Marsh…a guilty pleasure…a masterful performance.” –Theatrius

“Like candy for a San Francisco audience.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Be thankful for comedians like Durst to help us keep our head on straight.” -All Events Review

“Durst takes on the Goliath-sized challenge of converting disaster into comedy.” –Theatrius

“Possibly the best political comic working in the country today.” -New York Times

“Durst, with his clear eye and his long view, helps bring us back to ourselves.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Equal parts comedy and therapy.” –Joint Forces Journal

“A lightning-quick farce, a comedic tour-de-force rant.” Talkin’ Broadway

“He’s a great political satirist” – Fox News

Show Description

Will Durst is proud to present his new solo outing, “Durst Case Scenario,” a comedic exploration of how America is changing during the Time of Trump. DCS is a rollicking feast of outraged and outrageous satire as up-to-date as the latest 4am Oval Office tweet.

In this lightning-paced 85 minute comedic tour-de-force, Durst analyzes where we are, how we got here, and what possible destinations lie ahead. Along with the changes we’re experiencing, he also details the wacky zany antics, palace intrigues and pitfalls of polarization threatening our country and civilization in this, The New Abnormal.

Durst describes this strange new world where everyday without a mushroom cloud is a victory. He details the anxiety of never knowing when the president will strike the flint that shoots a spark to light the fuse to Armageddon. Prepare to meet the funny side of defiance. Because laughter allows room for hope to creep back on the inhale.

Ably assisted by his trusty overhead projector and blessed with extraordinary talent to engage his audiences with his hysterical observations and righteous exasperation, Durst mocks & scoffs & taunts in segments such as Trumpapalooza, the Bright Sides of Donald J. Trump’s Presidency, the Symptoms of PTSD & Mike Pence is the Product of Reverse Taxidermy.

The Durst Case Scenario is playful and ludicrous and whimsical and droll and silly and serious and sarcastic, mischievous, incisive, trenchant, profound, and chock full of jokes. Many funny ones. Unique theatrical event delivered with stand-up timing and not less than a modicum of poetry.

Due to the subversive nature of this show, a portion of of each night’s proceeds will be donated to fund a non-profit whose mission will be to bury wire cutters along the Canadian border. Will Durst’s performances are brought to you by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. At least for right now. See this show before this sort of thing becomes illegal.

Artist Biography

The New York Times has called Will Durst, “quite possibly the best political comedian working in the country today.” He writes a nationally syndicated humor column and is a frequent contributor on CNN, MSNBC & Fox News. He’s performed for 3 presidents, a Mayor’s Convention and a Governors Conference. In 2016, “Elect to Laugh” ran for 41 weeks in San Francisco and currently his new one- man show “Durst Case Scenario,” in touring theaters across the country and world. He is also one of the titular characters in the documentary “3 Still Standing” which can be seen on Amazon Prime. His 800+ television appearances include: HBO, The Today Show, Letterman, Inside Politics, GMA, Jon Stewart Show, Showtime, Comedy Central, CBS Morning News and many more. Durst has told jokes in 16 countries, is author of 4 books, 5 CDs and has been fired by the San Francisco Examiner twice, PBS three times and he once ran for Mayor of San Francisco, spending $1200, pulling 2% of the vote, meaning on a dollar per vote basis, he is mayor of San Francisco. His heroes remain the same as when he was 12… Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny. And despite blistering reproach he continues to thwart convention by squeezing ketchup onto his bratwurst.

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