List of 2020 Solo Fest Performers

MarshStream International Solo Fest

Sha Sha Higby Clouds of Fish

Best Zoom Adaptation 
Marga Gomez Not Getting Any Younger
Kieran Carroll’s The Youthful Adventures of Damon Dukirk starring Zach Wegner
Ron Jones Birds 
Gloria Rosen Listen…Can You Here Me Now?

Fan Fest Favorites
Samuel Simon The Actual Dance
Kiki I Am Not My Hair
Helene Lara Adventures Beyond My Living Room

Tipping Point
Skyler Cooper A One Man Show

Most Watched Program Live Views (Short Program)
Anne Bach My New Mom
Kiki I Am Not My Hair
Amy Segal Clothing Optional
Koorosh Ostowari Grandma’s Million Dollar Scheme

Most Watched Full Length Performance Live Views
Steve Budd What They Said About Sex

Best Shorts Program 
Igor Meerson Your Favorite Russian
G.K. Jayaram Love Needs Internal Vigilance 
Pearl Ong She’s No Lady

Best Short Performance
Ananda Bena-Weber Fancifool 
Pearl Louise The Call
Toby Malone Not Really “Little Star”
Judith Pratt Vannie’s Windows

Best Commentary of the Times
Maureen Langan Don’t Make Me Hate You
Don Reed 8 Years, 4 Months, 11 Days: A Black Life Mattering

Solo Performance Musical
Kathryn Keats Hummingbird 
Evan Kent Shards 
Colin McCleod A Close Shave and the Argos Cycle Tour of South Africa
Amy Oestreicher Gutless and Grateful

Best Full length 
Lynne Kaufman’s Who Killed Sylvia Plath starring Lorri Holt
Marga Gomez Not Getting Any Younger

Laura Jane Bailey The Paris Effect
Jessica Litwak 50,000 Mice, the Selena Solomons Story
Antonia Kasper 45 Coffee Dates
David Kleinberg’s He Wants to Run
Rhonda Musak  Rhonda Badonda: The Adventures of a Girl with a Pain In Her Brain
Joanna Rush Sex & Power
Nelsie Spencer Day of the Dead Daddy
Helen Stoltzfus Dispatches from the Great Burning: What my Mennonite Ancestors and the Gobi Bear Taught Me About Surviving the Climate Emergency

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2020 MarshStream International Solo Fest Staff

Stephanie Weisman – Artistic Director / Founder

Maggie Wilson – Festival Program Director

Brian Williamson – General Manager

David Hirata – Director of Artist and Staff Relations

Kristin Scheel – Development Associate

Lauren Burgat – Stage Manager / Tech Assistant

Jenny Kennedy – Stage Manager / Tech Assistant

Briaunna Caver – Tech Assistant

Bob Geleta – Finance Manager