MarshStream International Solo Fest Theater Berkeley

in partnership with ZOOM and sponsored by Elizabeth Zitrin of the Zitrin Foundation


Thursday October 8, 2020

Nelsie Spencer “Day of the Dead Daddy”

MISF Shorts
Koorosh Ostowari “Grandma’s Million Dollar Scheme”
Anne Bach “My New Mom”
Kiki “I Am Not My Hair”
Amy Segal
“Clothing Optional”

Friday October 9, 2020

Gloria Rosen “Listen… Can You Hear Me Now?”

Ananda Bena-Weber “Fancifool! with Ananda Bena-Weber”
Kieran Carroll
“The Youthful Adventures of Damon Dukirk”

Antonia Kasper “45 Coffee Dates”
Maureen Langan “Don’t Make Me Hate You”

Saturday October 10, 2020

Samuel A. Simon “The Actual Dance”

Andy Moseley “Make-Up”

Betsy Murphy “Chasing Temples”

Jessica Litwak “50,000 Mice, The Selena Solomons Story”

FIPPP: More Than That: The Formerly Incarcerated People’s Performance Project

Marga Gomez “Not Getting Any Younger”

Sunday October 11, 2020

Rhonda S. Musak “Rhonda Badonda: The Adventures of a Girl with a Pain in Her Brain”

Frederick Pitts “Aren’t you…?”

Skyler Cooper “A One Man Show”

Helene Lara “Adventures Beyond My Living Room”
Ron Jones “BIRDS”
Amelia Romano “Creative Resilience”

MISF Shorts
Maggie Lou Rader “Hard Hitting 2020 News”
Margaret Zhao
“Really Enough”
LaTeigra Cahill
“Ma Ma Bird”
Colin MacLeod
“A Close Shave and the Argos Cycle Tour of South Africa”