MISF Performer Nelsie Spencer

Photo by Lindsey Williams

Thursday, October 8, 2020
5:00 – 6:15pm PT

Day of the Dead Daddy

Written and Performed by Nelsie Spencer

Toms River, New Jersey, USA

Day of the Dead Daddy is the story of me and my siblings traveling to a distant “land” to bury our dead father.  (We tried to bury him while he was alive, but he would have none of it!)

In this funny, heartbreaking and (swear-to-God) true story, I take the audience on a journey that spans six decades, while playing more than 7 characters and revealing some family secrets along the way.

About the Artist

I co-wrote My Heart Belongs to Daddy with best friend Laury Marker. We co-starred in 4 successful productions. After the L.A. run, agent Ari Emanuel briefly represented us. Next I did stand-up in NYC. After getting pregnant, twice, I wrote my novel The Playgroup (St. Martins, 2003). I co-created a radio show with Cory Kahaney and Maureen Langan. I co-wrote the screenplay for the award-winning Valley Inn w/ Kim Swink . March of 2019 I launched “Losing It” a comic interview podcast. Last October I performed Day of the Dead Daddy, to a sold-out crowd in NYC.


As delineated by the performer
Age recommendation: 18+
Trigger Warnings: it’s a story about sexual abuse
Run time: 59 minutes