MISF Performer Tain Leonard-Peck

Photo courtesy of Max Bossman

Sunday, October 11, 2020
6:00 – 7:15pm PT

The Last Bag

Written, directed and performed by
Tain Leonard-Peck

Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, USA

The Last Bag is a comedy set in a post-apocalyptic, post-Covid era. A desperate, bedraggled soldier discusses the fall of his society, the terrible snack food wars that followed, and reminisces about his great lost love, the last bag of Doritos.

About the Artist

Tain Leonard-Peck is a high school student. He writes plays, poetry, and short stories, and is completing his first novel. He’s an actor, monologist, and model. He paints, and composes music, and is a competitive sailor, skier, and fencer. He has written and acted in plays that have been produced, and his work has been published in literary journals, including.the 2020 Anthology of Youth Writing on Human Rights & Social Justice, The Riva Collective, Molecule, Multiplicity Magazine, The Horror Tree, The Abstract Elephant Magazine, and Czykmate. He won Honorable Mention in the Creators of Literary Justice Award, by IHRAF, the largest human rights art festival in the world. He’s a finalist for #ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence, a nationwide competition.





As recommended by the performer
Age recommendation: All Ages
Trigger Warnings: No
Run time: 15 minutes