Written & Performed by Clyde Always – The Bard of the Lower Haight
Directed by Clyde Always
With Musical Guests More Hazards More Heroes
Sound/Lightboard Operator: Aaron Aguilar


July 11 – August 29, 2018 | San Francisco
Wednesdays at 8pm


Show Description

Feeling a little blasé? Seen it all before?  Looking for something a little different?  Well look no further, because here it comes–it’s guaranteed raucousness– it’s oh-so-uplifting– it’s the Clyde Always Show!  The creator behind this one of a kind spectacle, a profoundly fun-loving powerhouse of zaniness, will guide you through an action-packed, hipsteriferous hour of shiver-giving tall-tales, foot-stomping songs, and hilarious monologues-in-verse covering everything under the urban overhang (and then some).  Each riveting second of the show aims to dazzle the eye with storybook illustrations jumping off the projector screen, plus stunning canvases caressed into things-of-beauty by the mad bard himself. As an ear-pleasing opening act, there have been employed two mighty songsters–a folk duet known the world-over as More Hazards More Heroes.  So grab yourself a ticket, if you dare, but be warned that the after-effects of this theatrical experience may include: blown minds, busted guts, somersaulting imaginations and lingering happiness.

Artist Biography

Clyde Always (the Bard of the Lower Haight), being the All-American tall-talesman and dime-a-rhyme vaudevillian that he is, has successfully provided audiences, both at home and abroad, with the refreshing splash of laughter and the snug comfort of joy; to inspire creativity is his primary objective here on planet Earth.  You can catch his act any Friday evening at Cafe International where he serves the community fostering new talents as host and ringleader of the weekly open-mic showcase. His writings and artwork have recently been accepted to exclusive publications: Poetalk, The Broke Bohemian, 17 Very Funny Very Short Stories and others.  Melanie Bell and the Story Salon, the bard’s debut novel, published by Rational Malarkey Inc, placed as a semifinalist in the Faulkner Society’s William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in 2017.  He lives in San Francisco with his wife Haylee the Ukulele.

More Hazards More Heroes, a modest indie-folk duo, first found footing in Nashville but has since gained an enthusiastic following after relocating to San Francisco in the summer of 2016.  Drew Lorimar Jr. and Brent Shaffer, the creators of this unique musical act, have dared to stick their necks out (complete with fuzzy giraffe-heads) as a mean, southern blues, rock-n-roll jam machine walking the line between burgeoning soul, guitar banging, dark vocal harmonies, longing love ballads and their ever-popular sing-along ditties.