Marsh Job Opportunities

House Manager


The House Manager position is a part-time position with shifts mainly in the evenings and on the weekends. The House Manager (HM) is responsible for all aspects of the front of house operation of the theater during performances.


  • Count and maintain the accuracy of all monies
  • Fill out all nightly paperwork and send nightly emails
  • Maintain cleanliness of theater spaces, bathroom facilities, building façade, etc. before and after performances
  • Put out and oversee the selling of all concessions
  • Manage door list, greet and work with patrons upon entry of the theater including checking names off of a door list and selling tickets at the door as necessary
  • Ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons before, during and after performances
  • Responsible for management of volunteer(s)
  • Make pre-show welcome announcements to audience
  • Be sure refrigerators are fully stocked and communicate any need for inventory to the appropriate people
  • Ensure proper signage is posted to direct patrons to correct doors
  • Coordinate with the Technician for house opening and start of show
  • Coordinate with Technician to ensure performer(s)’s needs are fulfilled
  • Ensure theater spaces are fully cleaned and ready for next show
  • Ensure security of building at all times while on duty
  • Assist Technician as needed and able
  • Host post-show receptions
  • Other duties as requested by a supervisor

Time Commitment-

House Managers are required to arrive 90 minutes prior to the performance start time unless otherwise instructed by a supervisor. Performances run anywhere from 60-120 minutes plus additional intermissions when necessary. Clean up and close up time following a performance is generally 30 minutes.


All San Francisco House Managers receive $65 per show.

On the rare occasion of a talk-back, reception, or an extra lengthy performance, House Managers’ compensation may be raised. This will be decided by The Marsh management team and HM’s will be informed accordingly.


Please reply to this position by contacting Brian Williamson or by calling (415) 641-0235.