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Daniel Baumer

A Name Change and an Apology

While I do believe in the power of confronting ugly history and language through art, the story told by the show is a kind of personal meditation on cultural identity. – David Hirata

Grandfather’s Letter

History can seem like such a fragile thing. Documents, drawings, and entire buildings can literally crumble into dust.

Harsh Sadness

What’s behind door number one? It’s HARSH SADNESS, America’s favorite game show of death!

Welcome to the Cancer Cafe

This serious, yet often funny show, demonstrates the transition from provider to patient and what lessons this role reversal may have.

Adam and Eve On A Raft

Adam & Eve On A Raft is the story of a man and a woman exiled from paradise. They dance, drink, grieve, quarrel and love through wonders and horrors of contemporary America.

Jinho “Piper” Ferreira

COPS & ROBBERS: HUNTER POETRY Written & Performed by Jinho “The Piper” FerreiraDirected by Jinho “The Piper” FerreiraOriginal Direction by Ami Zins …