If you’d like further thoughts about a question/answer session, you might like to have a look at this brief “Five Really Important Questions about Climate Change” video below.

Solo Arts Heal Climate

Hosted by Gail Schickele

Join us for the premiere episode of SOLO ARTS HEAL CLIMATE where once each month you’ll be able to enjoy the performance while engaging as the caretaker for our Mother Earth through storytelling and learning how to help save her and ourselves. 

Wednesday, July 8 | 7:30pm PDT


Timothy will be performing an excerpt from MANCAVE, his One-Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy

Show Description

Written and performed by Timothy Mooney, Man Cave finds the last man on earth (coincidentally named “Tim”) burrowed into what is essentially a Hobbit home, somewhere in Canada, broadcasting into a microphone for whoever might yet be out there listening. Realizing that perhaps there may not be anyone out there still listening, Tim faces the inability to have any impact on humanity itself and turns his attention to warning whatever far corners of the universe may still be out there receiving radio waves. Along with a stirring rallying cry for saving the planet, Man Cave walks the line that drips with both irony and edgy gallows humor.

5 STARS: “Even the most skeptical among us cannot help but hear the truth and the passion in this all-too-close-to-home story of impending doom.” (Global News Canada)
Special, profound and absolutely hilarious… [A] spectacular discovery… beautifully constructed… this play is absolute perfection…
“Darkly humorous, richly filled with literary reference and metaphor…” (The Pitch KC)
“Al Gore replaced by William H. Macy, with a lot more swagger and humor than the former vice president could ever manage!” (Orlando Sentinel)

Artist Biography

Timothy Mooney, author of the new acting textbook, Acting at the Speed of Life; Conquering Theatrical Style, and The Big Book of Molière Monologues, has given over a hundred thousand students their first introduction to Molière through his one-man play, Molière Than Thou.

Mr. Mooney is the former founder and editor of The Script Review and was the Artistic Director of Chicago’s Stage Two Theatre, where he produced nearly fifty plays in five years. While most of Stage Two’s plays were original works, when they turned to the classics, Mr. Mooney found himself taking on the hilarious world of Molière, eventually writing seventeen mischievous rhymed variations of Molière’s plays with an impish sense of rhyme (most published by Playscripts, Inc.). These plays have been produced and celebrated around the world, with High School productions of Mooney’s The Misanthrope, The Miser, The Imaginary Invalid, and Tartuffe going on to state finals in Massachusetts, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama, while his Doctor in Spite of Himself, took third place in the Scottish Community Drama Association National Festival, and was a finalist at Italy’s Sanremo Global Education Festival.

Tim, now operating as the not-for-profit “Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre,” continues to present Molière across North America, along with Lot o’ Shakespeare (featuring one monologue from every Shakespeare play), The Greatest Speech of All Time (actual historical speeches from Socrates to Martin Luther King), Shakespeare’s Histories; Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace! (also a book!), Breakneck Hamlet, and now, Breakneck Julius Caesar! Tim also teaches classical performance and occasionally performs his one-man sci-fi thriller, Criteria!

Solo performers present real-life, empowering stories. Transformative experiences for audiences. A theater of resilience that celebrates overcoming mental and physical life challenges and offers hope and inspiration. SOLO ARTS HEALS will include excerpts, talkbacks, and Q&A that provide education and advocacy. Readings or clips of performances will be shared by artists in conversation with Gail Schickele, whose work as a manager and producer of solo artists inspired collaboration of performing arts presenters with artists on a medical track based on their personal experience. The collective creative vision? To help communities through educational outreach and the healing power of the Arts. 

Solo Arts Heal Episodes