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April 27

Diana Lauren Jones’ “DEAR GENDER”
As an actress Diana has worked commercially, off-Broadway, regionally, in voice over and independent film. “Dear Gender” is her first go at solo performance. This summer she will play roles of Cordelia and the fool in the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s production of King Lear. She holds a Masters in Public Administration, has lived in Mozambique, and also loves to swim.

Sharon Eberhardt’s “SQUEAKER”
She doesn’t go to museums, doesn’t ‘get’ abstract art, and would never hook up with the hot guy in art history class. But now they’re at the modern art museum together. And her shoes are squeaking.

Houston Robertson’s “THE STORY OF A NICE WHITE LADY”
Clueless racism gets shredded by 83-year-old force of nature, Houston Robertson, in this hilarious and confessional scolding of nice white ladies everywhere. Houston bursts the bubble of good intentions and reminds us that nice is a four-letter word as she parallels her personal story and a storybook one to highlight the clueless racism and homophobia of nice white ladies. The show was developed with Don Reed & mark Kenward.

Houston Robertson is a retired human resourced professional. When she was 47 , she quit her job and became Ribbons the Clown on the streets of San Francisco–her first solo performance. She has been performing ever since. 

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