Stephanie’s MarshStream with David Ford

Performer Interviews, bantering, Q & A’s, and performance excerpts
with founder Stephanie Weisman

Stephanie’s special guest David Ford

Thursday, Jun 18 at 7:30pm PDT

Show Description

We’re inviting Ronen Sberlo and Annie Rovzar to present short comic pieces inspired by the shelter in place. We will also talk about writing and performing under unexpected conditions.

PLUS, Geoff Hoyle, an extraordinary performer, has created a short piece highlighting modern life online where he plays with screens and surfaces!

Artist Biography

David Ford has been collaborating on new and unusual theatre for three decades and has been an artist-in-residence at The Marsh for most of that time. His award-winning solo shows have been seen all over the English-speaking world.

The San Francisco press has variously called him the solo performer maven, the monologue maestro, the dean of solo performance, and the solo performer’s best friend and a week rarely goes by when residents of the Bay Area can not enjoy one of his productions.

Collaborators include Geoff Hoyle, Brian Copeland, Lorri Holt, Charlie Varon, Echo Brown, Tom Ammiano, Firoozeh Dumas, Marilyn Pittman, Rebecca Fisher, Wayne Harris, Irma Herrera, Bill Talen, and Marga Gomez.

Stephanie’s MarshStream