Performer Interviews, bantering, Q & A’s, and performance excerpts
with founder Stephanie Weisman

Stephanie’s special guest Irma Herrera

Thursday, Jun 11 at 7:30pm PDT

Artist Biography

Irma Herrera solo performance piece, Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name? weaves history and comedic insights into stories about names, and sheds light and throws shade on our prejudices and assumptions. How open are we to seeing people who aren’t white as equals? How welcoming of others are we, really?

Irma’s five-month run at The Marsh played to sold-out houses and garnered glowing reviews from critics and everyday folks. Her post-show talk-back with social justice leaders tackled a range of topics: school to prison pipeline, the rights of transgender folks, and immigration policy.

In response to Covid-19, she created her Stairwell Teatro Series telling short stories (five minutes or less) from la scala, the stairwell in her home. You can binge-watch the entire series in less than an hour at

Instagram: @irmadherrera
Facebook: IrmaHerreraWriter
Twitter: @irmadherrera
Youtube: Irma Herrera

Photo by Chuck Revell

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